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SymphonyAI announces IRIS Foundry

Manufacturers can rapidly create robust predictive and generative AI industrial applications that reduce unscheduled asset downtime, improve process efficiency, and enhance connected worker operations

SymphonyAI, a leader in predictive and generative enterprise AI SaaS, announced IRIS (Industrial Reasoning and Insights Service) Foundry, an industrial data operations platform for the rapid creation of robust digital industrial applications that improve process efficiency, reduce unscheduled asset downtime, and enhance connected worker capabilities. IRIS Foundry, powered by SymphonyAI’s award-winning predictive and generative EurekaAI platform, uses AI-enabled data contextualization at enterprise scale and is both open and composable.

Manufacturers are challenged with connecting data silos across their operations, business, and enterprise. The lack of a scalable approach to contextualize industrial data for drawing insights and decisions has throttled the ability to grow revenue, drive productivity, and facilitate knowledge sharing. According to Deloitte’s 2024 manufacturing industry outlook, 86% of manufacturing executives believe smart factory solutions will be the primary drivers of competitiveness in the next five years1.

“Safe and reliable operations are critical to providing our customers with an uninterrupted supply of the materials they need to run their business while keeping our costs competitive. Using predictive AI models from SymphonyAI integrated with critical data sources, we have already been able to proactively detect anomalies and prevent unplanned stoppages,” said Ben Engels, Reliability Manager for Nippon Gasses. “With the release of IRIS Foundry, we are excited about the simplicity this will bring to expand the benefits of a flexible, integrated AI platform to additional equipment and sites.”

IRIS Foundry provides the differentiating building blocks of industrial data management and governance needed to deploy AI-embedded manufacturing solutions at enterprise scale. IRIS Foundry has prebuilt connectors to extract data from IT, OT, and enterprise data sources into polyglot dataops storage to ensure versatile handling and integration of multiple data contexts. Data is organized into a structured asset hierarchy using AI-powered P&ID ingestion or through an existing asset historian framework. This process, enhanced with sophisticated contextualization services, automatically maps data into a unified namespace. The result is a dynamic industrial knowledge graph, simplifying access to and navigation of information. The IRIS Foundry knowledge graph is a foundational layer for enriched analysis and insights, empowering IRIS copilots for user-based interactions and guiding the exploration and understanding of complex data landscapes. Industrial applications built on IRIS Foundry adhere to data governance, audit, and security standards.

“IRIS Foundry is a powerful industrial data operations platform designed to transform the way industries manage and use their data for real-time AI-powered insights, optimized operations, and decision-making processes,” said Prateek Kathpal, president of SymphonyAI’s industrial division. “With IRIS Foundry, we are taking bold strides to profoundly and meaningfully simplify our customers’ operational transformation with trusted predictive and generative AI solutions at scale.”

Advancing SymphonyAI’s multifaceted relationship with Microsoft, IRIS Foundry, built on Microsoft Azure, brings contextualized industrial data into Microsoft Fabric to accelerate the convergence of the IT and OT data landscape at enterprise scale. Additionally, to increase value-capture from contextualized industrial data, IRIS Foundry’s role-based industrial copilots integrate Azure OpenAI Service, allowing manufacturers to swiftly identify, diagnose, and overcome operational hurdles with targeted corrective and mitigating actions.

“With industrial domain expertise, SymphonyAI’s IRIS Foundry enables faster access to contextualized industrial data across the enterprise,” said Indranil Sircar, CTO, Manufacturing at Microsoft. “Built on Microsoft Adaptive Cloud, Azure AI and interoperable with Fabric, IRIS Foundry’s predictive and generative AI use cases such as improving asset performance, process optimization, and energy efficiency extend beyond the factory to the enterprise.”

In conjunction with its productized generative and predictive AI capabilities, underlying large language model, and role-based copilots, IRIS Foundry offers ready-to-deploy-and-use domain models for a wide range of manufacturing industries.

“As AI and ML rapidly converge with industrial data operations, combining sophisticated predictive AI and unified, trusted datasets is foundational. Generative AI, with role-based copilots, provides an interactive experience for users to generate instant insights and take targeted actions,” said Sebastian Trolli, Research Manager & Global Head of Industrial Automation at Frost & Sullivan. “Data operations in IRIS Foundry and SymphonyAI’s deep industrial AI expertise are in a unique position to give industrial users a clear path to intelligent operations with profoundly transformational business impact.”

IRIS Foundry offers a low-code, drag-and-drop user experience, easy integration with programming tools, and an ability to deploy in various modes ranging from SaaS to customer-hosted models in a private cloud. Built on a lightweight architecture with cloud and edge computing in scope, the install footprint is synergistic with manufacturers’ operational technology (OT), information technology (IT), and external data ecosystems and contains hundreds of prebuilt connectors, reducing the effort to unify industrial data.

SymphonyAI will hold demos of the IRIS Foundry platform at Hannover Messe from April 22 – 26. To learn more about SymphonyAI and the IRIS Foundry platform, visit SymphonyAI at the Microsoft booth #G06 in Hall 17 during the conference.

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