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SyMRI software is chosen for HBCD study

SyntheticMR US Inc announces that SyMRI software has been chosen as an important technology to be used in the HEALthy Brain and Child Development (HBCD) Study that will follow a large cohort of pregnant women and their children to characterize brain development.

The first few years of life are a period of exponential growth and brain development. The long-term effects of perinatal exposure to certain drugs or environmental factors on infant and child development are unknown. To address this knowledge gap, The HEALthy Brain and Child Development (HBCD) Study will recruit a large cohort of pregnant women from regions of the US significantly affected by the opioid crisis and follow them and their children. The study will collect information beginning at birth and continuing through early childhood. The SyMRI software will be a critical technology implemented in the study to ensure robust neuroimaging data from birth.

“The ability of the SyMRI software to give clear scan data from birth is unique and makes it a perfect match for the HBCD Study. I feel confident in its ability to assist in providing new insights about the nature of brain development at these early stages of life,” says Damien Fair, Professor at the Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota.

A total of 26 hospitals across the US are participating in The HEALthy Brain and Child Development (HBCD) study, which is sponsored by the NIH.  Findings will help researchers understand childhood brain development and the long-term impact of the environment in which the development is occurring, including exposure to potentially harmful substances and mediating factors such as poverty, access to healthcare and other social determinants of health. The study will also identify resilience factors that may mitigate some of these adverse outcomes. The SyMRI software will be used to collect quantitative imaging from the children, starting at birth and continuing for at least 10 years.

“We set out each and every day to bring enhanced data to aid patients from their first days in the world and are therefore incredibly honored that our SyMRI software has been chosen as technology by the core lab leading the HEALthy Brain and Child Development (HBCD) Study,” says Kyle Frye, President Americas, LATAM & ANZ and CCO of SyntheticMR.

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