Taiwan Innotech Expo 2020 to Showcase Deployments for Smart Future

Over 1,000 innovative technologies will lead Taiwan into a smart future. The annual Taiwan Innotech Expo, which brings together industry, government and academia, will be launched at Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 on September 24, 2020. The Expo exhibitions will revolve around “Resilient Taiwan for a Smart Future” under the themes of “Future Tech”, “Innovation Pilot” and “Sustainability”. By creating a diversified trading platform, combining local innovation dynamics and regional advantages, and connecting ASEAN countries with Europe, the US, and Japan, Taiwan will become a global IP hub for technology R&D and trading to spread its innovation around the world and promote its “smart value.”

Embrace the era of innovation and intelligence with the help of big data

This year, the “Innovation Pilot” theme will demonstrate more than 100 innovative technologies and visualize the transition to the hyper digitization era. This theme consists of four topics: Hyper Automation, IoT, Multi Experience, and New Health. Each of the topics will be presented in different highlights such as the Defense Tech, the Disaster Management Solutions, Future Mobility, and Epidemic Prevention Tech.

Driving the Future of Smart Manufacturing with Hyper Automation

Industry 4.0 is a popular research topic in modern manufacturing industries. From new forms of manufacturing to the transformation of traditional manufacturing, the hyper automation section will look into advanced technologies that combine machine computing and AI techniques as well as future autonomous machines. The aim is to upgrade traditional industries with innovative technologies.

  • Highlights: AIWin’s Fabric AI-AOI
    AIWin has developed an AI-driven AOI system for the Taiwanese textile industry to help customers develop application solutions that can address their pain points. By combining AI software and deep learning technology, the system can achieve an optical resolution of 0.014 mm/pixels, a detection rate of more than 95%, and a speed of 25 meters/minute. It can identify all kinds of defects automatically. Unlike other AI technologies that require massive amounts of data, this system enables users to build AI models quickly to reduce human fatigue.
  • Highlights: Explosion-proof Robots
    Explosion-proof robots designed for bomb disposal experts are disruptor devices and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) robots for homemade bombs. The liquid disruptor device uses a small amount of explosives which gather the energy of water to fire a high-pressure jet of water to destroy the shells of the bombs or the firing chain, thus reducing the damage of explosion. A specially designed robotic arm which can track the operator’s movements is then used. The operator can move the gripper to a desired location easily through an intuitive control panel to remove bombs precisely or dismantle them with a liquid disruptor device.

Create New Business Opportunities by Connecting Digital Services with IoT

This is especially true in the world of IoT, which employs artificial neural networks to create extensively comprehensive communications and relationships between humans and devices. In the areas of digital governance, digital payment/Fintech, 5G, AI, IoT, and big data in the cloud, edge computing, fog computing, and cloud computing technologies have converted our life into digital data consisting of 1 and 0.

  • Highlights: 5G NR cells and core technology
    Driven by the rapid growth of 5G networks, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and Institute for Information Industry (III) have developed a virtualized 5G-NR small cell composed of radio components, physical layers, L2/L3 software, and 5G core software. Compliant with the 3GPP 5G R15 standards, the system leverages the O-RAN architecture. These two organizations also work with Taiwanese server and network communications vendors to boost the global presence of the system. By controlling network virtualization technology and seizing the business opportunities of O-RAN ahead of, Taiwan can reduce reliance on foreign vendors’ technology while becoming a global export hub of 5G equipment.

Building Smart Life with Seamless Transition between Physical and Virtual Worlds

Virtual and real worlds are merging due to the rise of VR/AR applications. The rapid development of imaging and motion sensing technology allows us to gain more VR/AR experiences in smart applications including traffic, environments, homes, wearable devices, and education.

  • Highlights: Cycle Boxer
    Cycle Boxer is the world’s first fitness equipment combining cycling and boxing to improve physical and mental health as well as brain functions. The scientific and interactive punch pad can train brain reaction while enhancing memory, response abilities, and collaboration between the eye and hand. Punch signals are displayed in different colors and patterns and music is played during exercise to provide immersive experience.

Deploying Ahead with New Healthcare Technology

The comprehensive healthcare concept driven by the progress of pharmaceutical and biomedical technologies covers every aspect of life, from food to clothing, shelter, and transportation, as well as problems related to aging, illness, and death. Technology, services, and networks have been adopted to help people manage their health.

  • Highlights: Disposable Medical Coveralls
    To respond to COVID-19, Taiwan has produced state-of-the-art medical coveralls in addition to face masks. The coveralls manufactured by Makalot Industrial for front-line medical staff have passed multiple P3-level tests including sewn seam strength, tearing strength, moisture permeability, hydrostatic pressure, penetration of synthetic blood, and viral penetration. These coveralls are completely made in Taiwan, from materials to the final products.

Strong Participation from International Brands

Apart from exhibitors from 69 countries including leading brands such as Siemens, Corning, NSTDA (National Science and Technology Development Agency of Thailand), Microsoft, Logitech, and Cisco, many small and medium-sized enterprises will also participate in Taiwan Innotech Expo 2020. This event serves as not only a platform to showcase innovative technologies from around the world but also a global IP hub without national boundaries.

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