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Taoglas Launches IoT Enabled Genset Monitoring Solution

Taoglas®, a leading enabler of digital transformation through IoT, today announced its Taoglas Genset Insights™ solution, enabling businesses to optimize their fleet of generators with real-time data and analytics anywhere, anytime. With a rapid 5-minute install, the solution includes the Taoglas EDGE™ IG10 industrial gateway combined with the Taoglas Insights™ enterprise-level software vendor agnostic platform that allows you to manage all your equipment remotely on one platform.

Taoglas Genset Insights is an industrial-grade solution targeted at genset rental companies, integrators and generator operators. The solution comes with an on-board analytics engine allowing companies to deploy machine learning and predictive analytics to effectively monitor, manage and track the usage of their generator sets. Using real-time data and insights, companies can save on operational costs and ensure compliance by monitoring location, running time, fuel levels, oil pressure, engine status and overall machine health. Benefits to businesses include:

  • Management of mixed fleet of generators on one platform
  • Enhanced security and surveillance – theft management
  • Enterprise-level remote monitoring and management of generator fleet
  • Improved asset utilization and optimization of operational efficiencies
  • Track performance remotely via automated alerts on equipment status
  • Manage emission compliance and safety and adhere to mandatory regulations
  • Condition-based monitoring – minimise costs and improve equipment reliability
  • Eliminate costly manual maintenance with the ability to predict and manage equipment failures
  • Extend the life of your existing fleet of generators with real-time monitoring

Taoglas Insights will also allow enterprises to integrate additional monitoring of accessories and other machinery in one platform including smart AI cameras with Taoglas EDGE™ Vision capabilities to detect unusual behaviour around the genset via machine vision AI in real-time and send out alerts. The platform is also able to support asset tracking tags for accessory monitoring.

“Taoglas Genset Insights is the only vendor agnostic solution that supports the majority of leading genset controllers. With a rapid 5-minute install and easy retrofit in the field, Taoglas’ all-in-one, plug-and-play solution, can be deployed almost immediately and will allow integrators, genset rental companies and genset operators to monitor, manage and track the usage of their generator sets remotely, from anywhere in the world,” said Peter Behan, VP of IoT Software at Taoglas. “Combined with Taoglas Insights, our cloud-based software platform provides users with a scalable end-to-end solution. Users have easy access to their fleets 24/7 and can monitor and control everything online via their desktop or smartphone.”

The Taoglas Genset Insights solution is a turnkey solution which can be white labelled for genset rental companies and enterprises. To find out more information about the Taoglas Genset Insights solutions please visit or schedule a demonstration of the platform by contacting our regional sales team.

Notes to Editor

Taoglas team of experts have developed a plug-and-play IoT solution to get up and running immediately;

  • Vendor agnostic solution supporting most genset controllers
  • Enterprise level management of genset fleet
  • Onboard analytics engine to customize predictive insights
  • Rapid install and easy to retrofit in the field (5 minutes) – Bluetooth application
  • Rechargeable battery for independent theft monitoring
  • Purpose built end-to-end solution for genset monitoring
  • Pre-certified with active regional SIMs
  • Built in GNSS
  • Optional Bluetooth fuel sensor
  • Supported by a full IoT security stack, power and device management and Data-as-a-Service out of the box

Key capabilities and features:

Start saving costs immediate avoiding manual maintenance costs and management;

  • Automatically track maintenance history of generators and locations
  • Automatically track performance of generators for quality improvement
  • Rapid install and easy to retrofit in the field (5 minutes)
  • Proactive alerts of fuel thefts
  • Position reporting to assure generators are not moved without permission
  • Manage compliance with emissions regulations by monitoring the operation of the generator with real-time data
  • Track usage of generators
  • Check usage status and maintenance needs for deployed generators

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