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Tavant Enables K-QA, Leverage AI

Kubota’s Quality System (K-QA), which tracks and manages equipment field defects, is driven by Tavant’s AI-powered Analytics Platform

Tavant, a leading digital products and solutions company, today announced the implementation of AI-powered Tavant Manufacturing Analytics Platform (TMAP) at Kubota Tractor Corporation, a leading manufacturer of machinery equipment. The platform powers the Kubota Quality System (K-QA) to track equipment field defects.

The new K-QA system predicts QA codes using AI, ensuring better data quality and greater accuracy in identifying the issues so that they can be resolved faster. The systems are now delivering an accuracy of over 93%.

TMAP uses advanced artificial intelligence to generate actionable insights and exposes them with APIs for direct consumption in other systems. TMAP enables manufacturers to achieve cost leadership by improving their aftermarket operational efficiency and to increase revenue by leveraging the latest innovations in data analytics. TMAP KPIs leverage machine learning algorithms to adapt to environmental and process changes. In addition, this solution leverages Tavant’s comprehensive MLOps methodology for the end-to-end automation of the machine learning pipeline.

“We are delighted to expand our partnership with Tavant, reflecting our confidence in the company’s strong artificial intelligence capabilities. K-QA now brings a whole new level of accuracy and allows Kubota to find and fix issues faster than ever. The solution also provides warranty analysts and QA engineers insights and powerful tools to look inside the data for emerging trends, root cause analysis, and validation of countermeasures. Overall, the solution is a monumental achievement and provides a lot of value to Kubota, its dealers, and customers,” said Cristoph Nathan, Senior Director, Kubota.

“AI-Powered TMAP helps manufacturers unleash the latent information in their data and deliver actionable business insights and predictions. The expansion of our collaboration with an industry leader such as Kubota is a testament to our unwavering commitment, data-driven mindset, and digital capabilities,” said Atul Varshneya, VP of Artificial Intelligence, Tavant.

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