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TeleVox adds Wayfinding Solution to its Patient Engagement Platform

Patients will receive navigation directions in addition to appointment reminders

TeleVox, the industry-leading provider of omnichannel digital patient engagement technology, has announced a new partnership with Gozio Health, a location aware digital health platform, to help patients find their way to medical appointments on time.

Access to Gozio’s platform, including patented wayfinding, can now be integrated and offered through appointment reminders and hospital visits managed through TeleVox. This will save patients time, improve on-time visits for patients and providers, and ensure revenue is optimized.

“It’s incredibly frustrating to know that a patient was trying to make it to an appointment only to get lost in a maze of parking lots, hallways, and elevators,” said Vik Krishnan, President of TeleVox. “By combining our resources, TeleVox and Gozio are ensuring that missed and late appointments due to lost patients are a thing of the past. In addition to receiving reminders for upcoming appointments, patients will now also receive step-by-step directions for making it from their home to the point of care.”

According to research by Deloitte Digital, 30 percent of first-time visitors get lost in healthcare facilities. Medical staff members spend as much as 40 hours each year directing patients where to go, which is complicated by the fact that 1 in 4 staff members admit to being unable to find some destinations on their own campuses. With shrinking workforces in healthcare, this reliance on staff isn’t sustainable.

With the combined offering, a link to a health system’s branded app from Gozio will be included with patient appointment reminders from TeleVox. The Gozio platform includes patented wayfinding that takes patients from home to parking to the point of care.

“Missed appointments can cost a healthcare provider hundreds of dollars in lost revenue per patient,” said Joshua Titus, CEO, Gozio. “Improving communication with an industry-leading solution like TeleVox makes a big impact for both the provider and patient. When you can add easy access to wayfinding, scheduling for follow up appointments, portal access and other patient-facing tools through the Gozio platform, it becomes a truly seamless experience across the patient journey.”

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