Tennant Company Launches Industrial Robotic Floor Scrubber

Third AMR in World-Class Lineup Ensures Consistent Cleaning with Fewer Resources

Tennant Company (NYSE: TNC), a world leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing of solutions to reinvent how the world cleans, is launching its newest and largest autonomous floor cleaning machine, the T16AMR Robotic Floor Scrubber. This industrial-grade autonomous scrubber is ideal for larger facilities. Featuring a wider scrub path and higher tank capacity, it allows for consistent, efficient cleaning while reducing total cost of ownership. This is the third AMR in Tennant’s lineup and the industry’s first AMR built on an industrial scrubber platform. Units begin shipping in April in the U.S. and Canada.

The T16AMR rider robotic scrubber operates in complex, real-world environments without direct operator control. This means the T16AMR is ready and available to clean any time—an especially valuable feature since staff shortages and increased cleaning protocols may overextend lean maintenance teams. The T16AMR is available with a high-capacity lithium-ion power upgrade that includes a fast charger to get the most out of a day of scrubbing. Lithium ion also has zero maintenance and the lowest cost per charge as compared to other power options. In addition to delivering consistent and efficient floor cleaning, the T16AMR is connected via an onboard telemetry system which provides supervisor notification of route completion and weekly reporting.

“Tennant Company appreciates the additional pressures our customers have in ensuring consistent cleaning with fewer resources. This is particularly problematic for those with large facilities. That’s why we’ve introduced the T16AMR, our largest autonomous machine to date. It will help customers increase their cleaning efficiency and maximize employee resources,” said David Strohsack, Vice President of Marketing, Tennant Company.

The T16AMR also reduces the total cost of ownership with a robust, industrial-strength platform and design, cleaning varying floor surfaces thoroughly in a single pass with the ability to run multiple routes, back-to-back, without assistance. Its twin cylindrical brushes easily clean and pick up small debris to prevent streaking and to reduce the need for pre-sweeping.

Additionally, the T16AMR reduces or eliminates chemical usage with eco-H2O NanoClean® technology that allows for detergent-free cleaning. Onboard cameras, sensors and alarms help maintain the safety of employees working around the machine. Unique to the Tennant AMRs, longer-range LIDAR accommodates larger, open spaces; and onboard diagnostics make maintenance troubleshooting a breeze.

“We’ve made the T16AMR easy to use and maintain. With its intuitive controls, touch screens and onboard learning center, the T16AMR is simple to train. After that, all the labor you’ll need to clean your floor is enough time to press the start button. Just show the machine where you want to clean and let the robot do the cleaning for you,” said Bill Ruhr, Senior Product Manager, Tennant Company. “You can repeat routes as work cycles require or connect multiple routes to maximize your AMR’s cleaning. The T16AMR makes sure the cleaning gets done—and gets done consistently—even when there’s no one around to do it. While there are still things to consider for cleaning, there’s a whole lot less to worry about.”

Tennant launched its first autonomous solution in 2018, with the introduction of the T7AMR Scrubber. In 2020, it followed with the T380AMR. The machine allows for cleaning narrow aisles, making tighter turns and smaller U-turns—perfect for smaller spaces. With the introduction of the T16AMR, Tennant now offers an exceptional marketplace solution for customers with a larger footprint.

The T16AMR, T380AMR and original T7AMR are all powered by BrainOS®, an advanced artificial intelligence and robotic technology platform, from Tennant partner Brain Corp.

“We’re excited to see Tennant bring its third BrainOS-powered AMR to market. Together, we continue to push the boundaries of robotic cleaning innovation by combining best-in-class software technology with proven, world-class equipment,” said Dr. Eugene Izhikevich, CEO at Brain Corp. “Cleaning robots are clearly becoming the new commercial standard. With the new T16AMR, Tennant now offers autonomous solutions that can accommodate a diverse range of spaces, from large industrial settings to smaller retail footprints.”

The T16AMR also includes unmatched customer support with Tennant’s AMR Customer Success and Service Team, ensuring consistent site deployment, available to assist customers nationwide.

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