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Terso Solutions adds new features to Stratosphere

Terso Solutions Adds New Features to Its Inventory Management Software Platform

Terso Solutions has announced the addition of new features to its inventory management software platform, Stratosphere, for medical device manufacturers and distributors. These updates allow for ease of integration and improved inventory visibility.

“Stratosphere® software provides inventory managers with visibility into the current state of their inventory anywhere in the world and documentation of the life cycle of each inventory item,” said Terso’s Sr. VP of Product Management, Matt Tourdot, “When coupled with Terso’s wide range of RFID-enabled devices, Stratosphere provides a seamless track to automating inventory management.”

The key features of Stratosphere include:

  • Enhanced visibility – Track an item’s location and history of movement. Know when an item was added or removed from a device and who performed the action. Identify slow moving, soon to expire, and expired inventory to reduce waste, save money, and ensure item integrity.
  • Temperature reporting – Have visibility to inventory storage temperatures to ensure items are being kept within their required temperature range.
  • PAR levels – Identify stockouts immediately and products requiring restock at a glance. Stratosphere® software calculates restock quantities and increases visibility into stocking levels, enabling inventory optimization, and ensuring that the appropriate inventory is on hand at each location.
  • Kanban inventory management – Automate the management of low cost, med surg inventory using a Stratosphere’s built-in kanban workflow. Simplify and expedite restocking, and be notified when products are stocked out or need to be restocked.
  • Case management – Document product consumption during a surgical case to automate billing and replenishment.
  • Regulatory compliance – Stratosphere® software provides the data and tools needed to stay compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and other regulations pertaining to companies within the healthcare and life science industries. Simplify product recalls by knowing where all of the affected product is located.
  • Reporting– Stratosphere® software has a robust set of reports available to visualize and track inventory. These reports cover the above features and more. Sign up to receive your essential reports via email on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This allows users to review their important reports without having to log into Stratosphere.
  • Smartphone access – View your inventory data anywhere you go. Stratosphere’s mobile-friendly design makes managing inventory on your phone simple.
  • Easy integration – Stratosphere’s full-featured API enables the full integration of Stratosphere with customers’ ERPs and business systems.

For more information about the Stratosphere® software visit or to schedule a live demonstration of Stratosphere, click here.

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