TestedWeb Ranked #1 AI Startup in Austin by Dealroom

The Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce ranked the top 100 startups to watch in the Austin region based on Dealroom Signal. Austin-based AI startup, TestedWeb, was ranked as the 6th hottest startup and the top AI company to watch out for in the Austin Metro area.

Last week thousands of companies descended in Austin for the annual SXSW interactive festival which brings together artists, creatives, filmmakers, politicians, and technologists in a collaborative environment to cultivate innovation. The much anticipated Chat GPT-4 release on Thursday, only 6 months after the impressive release of Chat GPT-3, proved that generative AI is advancing rapidly. The downside of the technology’s unlimited potential is the likelihood that it will be used to trick consumers into buying products and services. The World Economic Forum estimates the fake reviews industry at $152B annually, which translates into $0.12 on every dollar spent online going towards fake review-generated sales.

While everyone seems to be focused on generative AI’s potential, one Austin-based AI startup, TestedWeb, is targeting fake digital content generated by humans and/or AI. TestedWeb uses behavior analytics and pattern recognition AI (Authenticity Intelligence) to identify & eliminate fake digital content and empower the genuine. The company made a recent breakthrough with its AI research, which now enables it to identify not only ChatGPT content, but also other AI-generated digital content in real-time.

During SXSW, the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce ranked the top 100 startups to watch in the Austin region based on Dealroom Signal. TestedWeb was ranked as the 6th hottest startup and #1 AI company to watch in the Austin Metro area.

TestedWeb founder Yagub Rahimov said, “Every year US consumers lose billions of dollars to fake review-generated sales. Unfortunately, with the rise of generative AI, this is just going to get worse before it gets better. With TestedWeb AI we aim to eliminate fake and malicious digital content with just a single click, so we can all trust what we read. We’re very excited about what’s ahead in identifying fake and generative AI content. Join us in our mission to create a safe and reliable digital environment where humans and AI coexist in harmony.”

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