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Testing Adherence Soars to 95% for Congestive Heart Failure Patients

VeeOne’s Switch to Smart Meter’s Cellular-Enabled RPM Devices Drives Testing Adherence, Aiding Chronic Care Management

When VeeOne Health, a leading telehealth/virtual care provider, was looking for a partner to expand into remote patient monitoring (RPM), its executive team discovered Smart Meter was the best fit for their patients and clients. The partnership has thrived, and VeeOne is looking to expand it with multiple Smart Meter solutions.

VeeOne began its partnership with Smart Meter by providing congestive heart failure (CHF) patients with Smart Meter’s iScale for weight monitoring. Because the iScale, like all of Smart Meter’s solutions is cellular connected, all the patient has to do is step on the scale and the reading is instantly transmitted. The reading is sent through Smart Meter’s secure and reliable private data network which was developed with AT&T exclusively for Smart Meter. It is then sent through the VeeOne platform and to a provider. Because of its ease of use, adherence to testing guidelines increased to 95% with the iScale.

“The seamless integration of our end-to-end enterprise virtual care platform with Smart Meter’s innovative cellular devices has proven to be an extraordinary match, delivering immense value to our clients and patients,” said Savan Patel, Vice President of Customer Operations at VeeOne. “Smart Meter has emerged as a highly responsive and engaged partner, consistently collaborating with us to tackle unique use cases and seize market opportunities.”

Founded by Critical Care physicians, VeeOne’s leadership had tremendous foresight into the future of healthcare and how RPM and virtual care played a role in that. This has positioned them well for the post-COVID-19 era, where virtual care is rapidly becoming an integral part of patient care. VeeOne addresses every aspect of virtual patient care, from the ambulance, ER, ICU, step-down, H@H, and Post-acute care.

“The evolution of RPM extends far beyond mere data collection and dashboard display,” said Ed Leer, VeeOne’s Senior Vice President of Business Development. “It now encompasses comprehensive patient management, education, and support, revolutionizing the way we approach healthcare.”

“Smart Meter’s partnership with VeeOne has been rewarding for both parties and, more importantly, has improved patient outcomes,” said Bill Bassett, Smart Meter’s Chief Marketing Officer. “It is another excellent example of how our easy-to-use, cellular-connected remote patient monitoring solutions are a great option for patient care management.”

To read more about VeeOne’s accomplishments and future plans, go to Smart Meter’s SmartPartners Success Stories here.

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