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The Best Mental Health Apps for 2023

The rise in health tech has pushed the boundaries of how care is delivered while regulating and creating breakthroughs in this ever-evolving sector.

A research study states that more than half of the population of middle and high-income countries suffer from, at the minimum, one mental health condition in their lifetime. It eventually cascades down into workplace absenteeism and loss of productivity. A surprising report by the WHO (World Health Organization) estimates that employees suffering from mental health conditions cost the global economy $1 trillion/per year.

Well, it’s a massive loss of productivity!

But the good news is such research studies have got everyone to address these long-awaited issues. And with the advent of technology and digital solutions, the omnipresence of personal digital services—tablets, fitness trackers, and handy smartphones has encouraged people to shift to utilizing virtual health platforms and assistance.

Having a therapeutic approach and supporting positive behavioral change, digital solutions are convenient, easy to use, and anonymous.

If you are looking for the best mental health apps, this article is just the one for you! And before we jump on to knowing about these apps, let’s go through their pros and cons of using.

The bright side of using mental health apps includes convenience, as one can use the app anytime and from anywhere. Another plus point is that they offer anonymity and a possibly lower cost than in-person therapy.

Apps are also widely acknowledged for improving people’s moods through journaling, identifying negative thought patterns, and coping mechanisms, and reconnecting with oneself.

While the other side of the coin may be the effectiveness, privacy concerns, and lack of regulations. Another major downside of using mental health apps can be for people diagnosed with severe mental health conditions, as online services may not be suitable for such individuals. 

But there are certain groups of people, like the ones struggling with anxiety and depression, having difficulty managing stress, wanting to improve their sleep, or looking for help for mood management would draw significant benefits from these apps.

So without further ado, let’s uncover the best mental health apps that provide an excellent space to boost one’s mental health.

1. Calm

The Calm app is a mindful meditation app designed to help one live a more productive and stress-free life. The offerings of this app range from guided meditation, sleep stories, and breathing exercises to relaxation tools that might help one wind down and fall asleep. An interesting feature—Calm Body offers stretching and yoga videos that help improve mental as well as physical health. It also caters to children—Calm Kids, which provides meditation exercises, lullabies, and peaceful sounds for the relaxation of kids.

2. Headspace

The Headspace app uses mental health tools that offer guided lessons on sleep, mindfulness, and stress reduction. The app has been downloaded by millions of people and is famously utilized as a wellness resource. It has a 14-day trial period, post which one pays a monthly or annual subscription fee to gain access to the full library of meditations. The app also provides a customized meditation practice that focuses on specific goals such as improving sleep, mood, and stress management and enhancing performance. Its exclusively designed courses are the best fit for beginners seeking to learn guided meditation.

3. Sanvello

The Sanvello mental health app offers meditation and CBT exercises to those undergoing stress, anxiety, and depression. The portal features daily mood tracking, helping one to identify patterns that further influence mental health. It also assists users in identifying their negative thought patterns and feelings and guiding them in adopting healthier and more productive thoughts. The app builds a peer support community where users can connect with struggling users and find a safe space to share their concerns and thoughts.

4. Happify

The Happify mental health app is a positive psychology app offering activities and games to boost one’s well-being and mood. The app sends its users weekly challenges based on their goals—improving relationships, managing stress, or enhancing work productivity. It also helps individuals overcome negative thoughts and stress by tracking their progress over time. The platform has articles and tips on various topics like coping with stress, improving sleep, and building positive relationships.

5. Bearable

The Bearable app offers tools to help one track their mood, mental health, medications, and more. Its advanced features allow one to set reminders and sync essential health data with smart devices. It also monitors the progress and offers personalized insights and stats for a better understanding of the impact of treatments on one’s health.

Wrapping Up

Recent years have seen a proliferation of mental health apps available at the tip of the fingers. Playing an important role in the future of mental health space, these innovative solutions have changed the tides by making therapeutic techniques more accessible, portable, and cost-effective. So why wait for more? Bookmark these for your next stress-free emergency. 

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