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The Future of Organizational Risk & Resilience Management Is Here

Risk and Resilience BPM amazed the delegations at the International Organizational Resilience Awards ( as they launched their Risk and Resilience 360° software, the world’s first Enterprise Risk and Resilience solution infused with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The fully customizable Risk and Resilience 360° software ensures organizations are always ahead of the horizon.

During this event, global leading organizations demonstrated their risk and resilience management capabilities to an international audience. Global risk and resilience leaders welcomed Risk and Resilience 360°. The software has 22 Domains covering: Organizational Agility, Horizon Scanning, Preemptiveness, Alignment, Business Continuity, Culture, Cyber Resilience, Employee Engagement, Environmental Compliance, Corporate Governance, Innovation, Risk Management, Supply Chain, Sustainability, Leadership, Health Safety and Well Being, Knowledge Management, Quality and Performance, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Skill and Competency and Financial Best Practices, all integrated with over 1000+ data points, linked to 100+ international best practices. Risk and Resilience BPM demonstrated how Risk and Resilience 360° provides organizations with the highest level of risk and resilience assurance during the event.

Risk and Resilience BPM explained that the infused AI algorithms in Risk and Resilience 360° provides alerts and notifications of both internal and external threats, and opportunities to improve an organization’s horizon scanning capabilities. They also explained that the integrated Machine Learning algorithm enables a deep understanding of the internal threat and opportunity identification across organizations and provides valuable insights to make optimal strategic decisions. Risk and Resilience 360° can be used for external purposes such as supply chain risk and resilience monitoring. The solution ensures that the entire supply chain undergoes an extensive risk and resilience assessment either with international best practices provided by Risk and Resilience BPM or with customized criteria.

The world’s first Risk and Resilience solution with AI and ML is used by leading consultants to evaluate their clients’ Risk and Resilience parameters. Risk and Resilience BPM invited applications for partnership from risk and resilience consultants and firms. The details of synergistic commercial partnership can be applied via their website

The Risk and Resilience BPM team can be your trusted partner for a more resilient future. The real-life experience of the Risk and Resilience BPM team, technical capabilities, and expert business knowledge can take your organization to the next level through continuous monitoring of resilience maturity combined with insightful automated reports.

Omar Rashid – CEO of Risk and Resilience BPM, said: “I would like to congratulate all the winners and runners up of this year’s International Organizational Resilience Awards and thank our sponsors and partners. We believe in combining our global partnerships and expertise with Advisory, Strategic Planning and Resilience Monitoring services. We aim to provide all our clients with continuous and automated Risk and Resilience technology services with AI and Machine Learning capabilities that provide enhanced and technologically advanced assurance to organizations in maintaining the highest levels of risk and resilience management.”

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