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Thinaer announced the launch of its Partner Program

The program will help partners make it easier for their customers to fill every manufacturing and operational blind spot across commercial and classified area processes

Thinaer, a manufacturing digital transformation pioneer, today announced the launch of its partner program to help customers maximize their technology investments with the company. Crafted to facilitate new and ongoing partners, the program will enhance customer experiences by addressing manufacturing and operational blind spots across both commercial and classified area processes, while also delivering comprehensive datasets to drive AI initiatives seamlessly.

The partnership program significantly elevates Thinaer’s reach and value to customers by fostering the development of the most extensive and comprehensive data set available, empowering better production decisions and ensuring regulatory compliance. This initiative also streamlines customization and implementation processes, ensuring seamless scalability across all use cases, thereby maximizing utility for our diverse customer base.

“We’re stitching together an ecosystem that spans every corner of both commercial and classified processes, illuminating previously unseen blind spots,” said Bryan Merckling, CEO of Thinaer. “Our commitment lies in ensuring that no challenge goes unmet, and no inefficiency unchecked, as we pave the way in providing the most complete data set for digital transformation and AI initiatives.”

Thinaer is device, infrastructure, and cloud agnostic, allowing the partner program to focus on developing ecosystems for each area to maximize coverage and ease of implementation. Thinaer is currently developing partnerships with service providers and systems integrators to ease customization and implementation of advanced analytics and AI initiatives. Notably, Thinaer is leveraging numerous existing relationships with IIoT sensor and beacon manufacturers to facilitate seamless integration of the latest technologies for organizations.

By utilizing meticulously crafted sensors, an infrastructure-agnostic platform, and a cloud-agnostic architecture, Thinaer has the capability to monitor previously inaccessible data points. This eliminates digital blind spots and empowers both commercial and classified area manufacturers with uninterrupted, context-rich insights into their operations, facilitating informed strategic choices and the creation of advanced AI datasets.

“In today’s environment of increasingly sophisticated needs for security and defense, our mutual customers rely on innovative solutions such as Thinaer’s Classified Area IoT solution to help aerospace and defense manufacturers ensure secure asset tracking, raw materials monitoring, and digital twinning,” said A.T. Ball, Senior Director, WW Defense and Intelligence, at Microsoft. “We are pleased that Thinaer will continue to prioritize Azure, as we assist our mutual customers to optimize their operations, increase asset visibility, and maintain the highest levels of security and compliance across all classification levels, while leveraging the power of Microsoft’s cloud technologies.”

Ongoing collaborations with leading networking companies like Cisco Meraki Aruba and Juniper Networks empower organizations with the ability to optimize their IT investments by utilizing existing access points as IIoT infrastructure, further improving efficiency and adaptability. Additionally, Thinaer has established partnerships with major cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure’s Secret Government Cloud for classified areas, Amazon Web Services, and AWS GovCloud, enabling an agile deployment approach.

For more information about how Thinaer is developing ecosystems for transformative IIoT asset tracking in both commercial and classified areas, visit our website.

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