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ThoughtExchange Takes the Student Privacy Pledge and Appoints New CTO

ThoughtExchange, the AI Engagement and Experience Platform, is proud to announce its decision to take the Student Privacy Pledge to demonstrate its commitment to protecting students’ sensitive data.

The Student Privacy Pledge is a voluntary commitment made by education technology companies to safeguard student data and protect their privacy when using educational technology products and services. By taking the pledge, ThoughtExchange commits not to sell student data or information, not to behaviorally target students with advertising based on student data, to use their data for education purposes only, to implement stringent security measures to protect student data, to ensure overarching transparency about data practices and usage, and to provide parents, educators, and students with access to their data.

ThoughtExchange champions privacy and security by design, ensuring we protect every participant interaction on our platform. Signing the Student Privacy Pledge exemplifies our dedication to upholding the highest data privacy and security standards in the education technology space.

ThoughtExchange Appoints New Chief Trust Officer

To further solidify our commitment to data security and responsible AI, ThoughtExchange has promoted Chris Mussell to Chief Trust Officer. Our new CTrO will focus on expanding our security and privacy program to include responsible AI.

“At ThoughtExchange, we truly value trust and understand the significance of privacy and data security. When people engage with our platform, they trust not just our product but our integrity, too. So, as we keep pushing the boundaries with AI, we are redefining our security and privacy program to include responsible AI—and calling it trust. It’s not just about protecting data; it’s about honoring the trust our users place in us. And that’s something we take very seriously.″
– Chris Mussell, VP and Chief Trust Officer

Responsible AI-Powered Analysis

ThoughtExchange is proud to embrace the responsible use of AI to empower leaders with clarity amidst the chaos of data overload. We have implemented safeguards to minimize risks like bias, discrimination, and privacy violations. Additionally, our AI systems are fortified against manipulation and threats to ensure data security. We ensure accountability by implementing transparent oversight for AI decisions and the data it’s trained on.

Our focus on responsible AI will harness its power to accelerate positive change and foster inclusive problem-solving at scale while maintaining a secure, people-first approach to engagement.

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