ThroughPut.AI launches New Inventory Projection Capabilities

Customers will now be able to see inventory projections in the near, short, and long term, enabling them to expose risks, highlight recommended actions early, and evaluate the overall state of their inventory

ThroughPut Inc., the Industrial AI Supply Chain Analytics and Decision Intelligence pioneer, today announced the launch of new inventory projection capabilities that will enable businesses to predict the future state of their inventories. These capabilities empower customers to proactively sidestep potential inventory imbalances (excesses and shortages)), and predict imminent supply chain risks  to better plan in advance.

ThroughPut leverages patented AI and ML algorithms to automatically generate insights into potential supply chain risks, such as overstocking and stockouts, in real-time. These insights are then utilized to enhance vendor lead time predictions. Supply chain managers can leverage these updated lead times to dynamically adjust parameters and assumptions within their planning models, thereby proactively mitigating the risks of stockouts and surplus inventory.

“With ThroughPut’s new capabilities, companies can finally move away from those inadequate, static, messy spreadsheets and their error-prone manual tasks, and transition to future-ready, dynamic inventories that save them time, resources, and drive greater free cash flow at a faster rate” explains Seth Page, Chief Operations Officer and Head of Strategic Partnerships at ThroughPut Inc. “More importantly, organizations get a fully transparent picture of projected stock levels and risks, and the necessary revisions they need to make to improve working capital spend and manage those risks – thus ensuring an optimal and smooth flow of inventory at all times, regardless of ongoing challenges and market volatility.”

Demand planners, inventory managers, and supply chain managers can also customize their views and alerts by selecting the location, risk type (for example, excess stock risk and stockouts), and stock tolerance level, highlight the potential risk, the locations that will be impacted, and the recommended actions to prevent the issue.

Additional features of these new Inventory Projection capabilities include:

  • Inventory State Distribution Summary that enables businesses to have a total SKU count and count of each SKUs in each state on a given date. This helps inventory planners to see the aggregate demand for defined future periods (such as the next month, quarter, year, etc.)
  • Lead Time Breakdown that displays a replenishment lead time timeline view between “Overall Lead Time” and “Lead Time Breakdown”. This enables Demand planners, inventory managers, and supply chain managers to rapidly analyze and track different legs of lead time, such as supplier lead time, production lead time, transportation lead time, or order fulfillment lead time – allowing root cause analysis of delays and better scenario planning capabilities
  • Target Service Level, wherein the platform automatically determines and displays the target service level for each SKU, for each period – versus the current service levels

ThroughPut empowers leading businesses across the globe to drive continued growth and profitability in increasingly volatile market conditions by minimizing demand and supply variance. ThroughPut’s AI-powered Supply Chain software and patented technologies leverage AI and data to provide unprecedented supply chain visibility, predictions, recommendations and actionability to help businesses balance their operations by effectively managing demand, capacity, working capital, and customer experience.

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