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Ticura’s launches global threat intelligence curation solution

Today, Ticura emerges from stealth, unveiling a groundbreaking solution that is set to redefine the cyber threat intelligence landscape, and empower security solution providers to tailor their threat prevention and detection offerings for individual customers based on cyber-threats impacting their organizations, industries, geographies, and more.

With a relentless pace of cyber threats, organizations face the dual challenge of outpacing these threats and deciphering an overwhelming influx of cyber threat intelligence (CTI) data. Unfortunately, many organizations lack the skills and resources to operationalize CTI effectively, leaving them vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Powered by artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, Ticura’s threat intelligence curation solution can help organizations operationalize threat intelligence by aggregating and continuously analyzing near-real-time data from over 800 open source and commercial CTI providers, and then meticulously tailoring a single, highly optimized CTI data feed for each individual end-user considering factors such as the organization’s industry, geography, unique technology environment, software supply chain, and more. In this way, Ticura provides its customers with a “left of boom” perspective, helping them anticipate emerging threats, adjust their security programs, and institute a more effective threat-informed defense.

Ticura delivers the industry’s only global view of threat intelligence data that is objective, measurable, and continuously optimized for each individual customer to ensure highest levels of efficacy and efficiency. The solution enables security operations teams to deliver higher value services to their end user clients, provide greater protection for business-critical assets while lowering threat intelligence program costs.

“According to ESG research, well-intended threat intelligence programs often turn into expensive academic exercises. Why? Too often security teams don’t align their threat intelligence programs with the business, while mismanaged threat intelligence teams try to analyze as much disparate threat intelligence data as they can,” stated Jon Oltsik, Analyst Emeritus at ESG. “In this model, threat intelligence reports don’t provide much value. What’s needed is accurate, timely, and impactful threat intelligence analysis that aligns with the business mission. By curating threat intelligence for each individual customer profile, Ticura can be a force multiplier, helping companies mitigate cyber-risks, anticipate attacks, and adjust their defenses accordingly.”

“Staying on top of the growing and ever-changing threat landscape is daunting for even the world’s best security operations. Ticura’s innovative use of machine-learning and advanced analytics to normalize data from all available commercial and open-source feeds for objective comparison and curate optimal CTI data feeds for our clients sets a new standard for the value cyber threat intelligence should deliver,” said Markus Ludwig, CEO at Ticura.

Deployed within minutes, Ticura’s cloud-based model does not require any changes to your network, reducing both deployment costs and complexity, and delivers immediate value:

  • Superior Protection: Ticura provides near-real-time access to an unrivaled global view threat intelligence, uniquely tailored, and continuously optimized for each end-user’s specific environment. Thus, Ticura can act as a threat intelligence hub for centralizing analysis and CTI operations.
  • AI and Predictive Analytics: Ticura is powered by proprietary machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics, fueling superior threat detection and response capabilities. This can help organizations better understand targeted threats and how their defenses can be modified for better protection.
  • Cost and Resource Efficiency: Ticura drives financial and operational efficiency by automating the laborious process of parsing individual threat intelligence data feeds, saving time, reducing analyst burnout, and eliminating expensive commercial feed subscriptions. In this way, Ticura can help organizations across all phases of the entire threat intelligence lifecycle; planning and direction, collection, analysis, production, and dissemination/feedback.
  • Rapid Deployment: Ticura’s cloud-based model can be deployed in minutes, ensuring immediate value.

“Ticura delivers a comprehensive, detailed, and objective assessment of how each of our threat intelligence feeds are performing,” said Thomas Hemker, Senior Director of Cyber Defense at DCSO. “This will enable DCSO to eliminate certain subscription fees, and empower our security analysts to be much more effective and efficient in their work.”

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