Together selects Sonde Health to Power its Mental Vitals Tool

Commercial partnership enables users of Together’s app to access enhanced mental health tracking through Sonde’s leading voice technology

Leading enterprise vocal biomarker company Sonde Health has partnered with Together, an AI-based health assistant, to provide enhanced mental health detection and monitoring through its new Mental Vitals feature. This collaboration integrates Sonde’s pioneering technology into the Together app, allowing users to access advanced voice analysis for early detection of symptoms related to depression and anxiety. Launched only a month ago, more than 20% of Together’s daily users are already using Sonde-powered Mental Vitals.

The Mental Vitals feature, powered by Sonde’s Mental Fitness application programming interface/software development kit (API/SDK), utilizes advanced audio signal processing and machine learning to analyze vocal features and screen for symptoms of depression and anxiety. With just 30-seconds of voice on a smartphone, Together’s users can now receive valuable insights into their mental wellness.

“We believe that physical health and mental health are complementary and both necessary to achieve total wellness,” said David Liu, CEO of Sonde Health. “Together’s commitment to providing comprehensive health management aligns perfectly with our vision. Through this partnership, we take another step to ensure that more people around the world have an accessible and affordable way to monitor their mental well-being, allowing them to take proactive steps toward better health.”

Sonde Mental Fitness’ clinically validated technology leverages audio signal processing, speech science and machine learning (ML) algorithms trained on over a million global voice samples to optimize performance across a diverse range of cultures, languages, and socioeconomic groups. It captures vocal biomarkers and translates them into a mental fitness score categorized into three distinct ranges: “Pay Attention” (0-70), “Good” (71-80), and “Excellent” (81-100). This scoring system is consistent across all Sonde-powered platforms, offering users an insightful and universally applicable metric for their mental health.

Sonde Mental Fitness scores are also actionable, as the technology integrates the M3 Checklist. The M3 Checklist is a widely adopted and clinically validated 27-question digital screening tool used for assessing symptoms of major depression, anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and bipolar disorder. Together will offer the M3 Checklist to users who may benefit from a clinical screening that can lead to a telehealth appointment with a clinician.

“Partnering with Sonde allows us to offer a groundbreaking feature that goes beyond traditional health metrics,” said Nick Desai, co-founder and chief executive officer of Together. “Sonde’s Mental Fitness technology not only complements our existing suite of tools but elevates the entire user experience. It’s not just about tracking physical health anymore; it’s about offering a comprehensive view of well-being. With Sonde, we can now give our users actionable insights into their mental health, making our platform a truly holistic health assistant.”

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