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Top IoT applications crashing waves in 2020!

Read on to find out the trends of IoT at different levels of development.

Tesla is one of the greatest innovators of smart cars. The automotive that it manufactures is of the highest quality and surrounded by the most cutting-edge technology. So much so that some of the models do not even have a key for opening the car, it can be opened and closed using a key card that looks just like a credit card. Moreover, if they do not have the card by any chance, they can use their phones to get in and out of the car and start it. These features are pretty intriguing and the ability to connect one device with another and transfer data without any human-to-human interaction is the technology of IoT or Internet of Things.

Think of different electronic devices ranging from heartbeat monitors to inventory sensors that are enabled by the internet. Now, what IoT does is, connects all these devices over a web ecosystem where any data can be transferred from any of these devices to the other. This data can be analyzed on different levels and actions are taken by the smart devices based on the information received.

There are a ton of Internet of Things applications in the real world which are designed keeping in mind IoT security and IoT development. By 2026—Experts estimate that the Internet of Things devices market will reach $1.1 trillion, states Securitytoday.
There are a number of IoT platforms and IoT solutions that are creating a buzz in the tech field. Correctly said that if we think that the internet has changed our life, think again. The Internet of Things is about to change it all over again!  — Brendan O’Brien, Chief Innovative Officer and Co-founder at Aria Systems. But, let us look at some of the top IoT applications that are crashing waves in 2020!

  1. AWS IoT Analytics – When there are multiple devices connected on a single network, the amount of data derived is massive. This data needs to be analyzed for the connected IoT devices to take necessary further actions. Hence, Amazon rolled out the AWS IoT Analytics platform that can completely analyze all the data it receives, whether structured or unstructured and also cleans out all the irrelevant and corrupt data. The entire data is enriched via this IoT solution for analytics by automating several operational processes.
  2. IBM Maximo APM – Predictive Maintenance Insights is one of the hot applications of IoT and IBM Maximo APM is #1 in the ranking of Predictive Maintenance companies with the highest rating of 84.6% predominantly from the U.S. since a few years now. This IoT solution makes use of IoT sensors, ERP systems, OT, and other such sources from which data is received and the likelihood of the failure of an asset is predicted.
  3. Nest Home Automation – IoT platforms for automating and interlinking home devices are quite the buzz these days. IoT- Nest offers different compact devices that are based on the WiFi and can connect all the home appliances to the phone devices. These appliances can then be operated via mobile devices over the web. These devices are customizable and can be used to automate a number of devices for them to obey orders through the internet.
  4. Kardia Mobile – With so many health hazards going around in the world, it has become a necessity to keep our health in check and constantly monitor it to identify even the mildest of symptoms of illness. Alivecor understands that and has made available Kardia Mobile, a device that has electrodes that can be used to monitor EKG and also be connected to the mobile device. This product is FDA approved and is one of the leading medical-grade EKG recorders and readers.
  5. AWM Smart Shelf – The AWM Smart Shelf is a leading innovator in the retail tech industry. It makes use of high definition optical sensors that automates the inventory levels of on-shelf along with delivering meaningful insights for playing videos for users customizing it according to the gender, age, and demographics of the customers. These technologies work together for boosting the sales of a retail store.

IoT devices communicate with each other and learn from one another similar to human beings and build on the stack of relevant data. The industry is developing and will continue to do so. From analytics to industries, to enterprises, to our personal homes, IoT developments are enhancing all possible aspects. Alicia Asin is the Co-Founder & CEO of Libelium and has rightly said that the IoT is more than a new generation of the Internet, it is the next technological revolution —horizontal and global— in which everyone will finally see the digital and physical world blended.”

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