Torch.AI awarded New Patent for Autonomous Graph Compute Invention

Torch.AI announced today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has formally approved and issued Torch.AI’s newest patent, No. 11,842,285, for a graph compute generated knowledge mesh, which uses a groundbreaking method of in-memory artificial intelligence (AI) for autonomously decomposing, fusing, and graphing data in real-time, further building recognition for the Kansas City-based AI company as pioneers in new applied AI capabilities.

“This patent presents an exciting evolution in how relationships can be used for exploring massive information ecosystems and making better decisions,” said Brian Weaver, Torch.AI’s Chief Executive Officer. “Graphs, which present a collection of facts and their connections, offer valuable capabilities in analyzing datasets but have historically been riddled with challenges in accommodating large scale data volumes due to brittle models, slow compute, and reliance on human processing.” This new capability offers a completely new approach to data processing, analysis, and knowledge creation by bringing intelligence to the tactical edge with in-memory AI and commodity storage techniques. “We aren’t using graph databases at all. It’s groundbreaking,” added Weaver.

The patent award is a result of collective efforts and hard work of the entire Torch.AI data engineering and data science team over the last several years. It further demonstrates the company’s advancements in the data processing and AI space as they bring a new paradigm for building and deploying data infrastructure for large-scale decisioning systems in critical defense-focused missions. By performing fully automated entity linking and disambiguation in-real time using pre-trained AI, the platform aggregates complex multi-modal and multipart data from disparate sources, offering customers the ability to analyze vast data ecosystems based on geographical locations, semantic search, custom and pre-configured filters, and predictive, event-based insight detection.

In the last six months alone, the company has been awarded five AI patents, distinguishing its autonomous data ingestion, analysis, and fusion software platform that enables a central data fabric for their customers. The company also has more than 20 patents currently in development, making it one of the most innnovative AI firms in the US. 

Torch.AI is a defense-focused AI software company. Unlike traditional government contractors, their team of experts take calculated risks to self-fund R&D behind the scenes and then sells complete products “off-the-shelf” to government mission owners. They conduct deep research into understanding how AI and new data infrastructures can improve a growing array of national defense needs and missions. This allows their solutions to go from ideation to full capability deployment in weeks and months, instead of years.

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