TraceLink and RSM Announce a New Strategic Business Alliance

Forging a New Era in Health and Life Sciences Digitalization 

In a strategic alliance poised to accelerate the digital transformation of the global Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS) industry, TraceLink’s Opus Platform Partner Program has welcomed RSM US LLP (“RSM”) – the leading provider of assurance, tax and consulting services for the middle market. Through this collaborative engagement, HLS leaders in supply chain, finance, and information technology gain access to a unified capability for rapidly linking their enterprise systems with a pre-authenticated digital network of more than 290,000 entities across the Healthcare and Life Sciences supply chain. By combining TraceLink’s proven platform for end-to-end network integration, collaboration, and supply chain intelligence with RSM’s specialized consulting, a streamlined “single-vendor approach” can be leveraged to acquire access to the real-time supply chain information needed to accelerate new products to market, reduce manufacturing costs and working capital requirements, and optimize the efficiency of global, multi-enterprise workforces.

“Through my engagements with senior executives at leading Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, and Healthcare organizations, it’s clear that leaders recognize that, despite billions of dollars in enterprise system investments over the last decade, there is a critical need to acquire real-time, end-to-end supply chain intelligence and visibility to mitigate supply disruptions and ensure the continuous availability of products for patients,” said Shabbir Dahod, President and CEO, TraceLink. “Our business alliance with RSM unlocks the ability for our joint customers to rapidly orchestrate their end-to-end supply chain digitalization strategies by connecting their ERP, QMS, WMS, and other enterprise system deployments with clean, real-time supply chain intelligence acquired through multi-enterprise connections with companies that have been integrated to the TraceLink network for more than a decade.”

The digital transformation of the Healthcare and Life Sciences supply chain has taken a significant leap forward with the integration of TraceLink’s Opus platform with leading ERP systems like NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Using TraceLink’s platform applications like Multienterprise Information Network Tower (MINT), customers can deploy proven B2B integration and process orchestration capabilities enabled by Opus to empower a range of teams, including Supply Chain Planning, External Manufacturing and Supplier Management, Sales & Marketing, and Clinical Supply departments, to navigate everyday challenges rooted in the inability to share data across the boundaries that exist among siloed enterprises.

“We are incredibly excited about teaming up with TraceLink,” said Joe Goldberg, management consulting partner and life sciences advisory practice leader with RSM US LLP. “This alliance allows us to combine our deep industry experience and service offerings with TraceLink’s advanced supply chain orchestration technologies, providing our clients with unparalleled service and capabilities. We’re looking forward to continuing to offer holistic, innovative solutions to the life sciences industry and are excited about the positive impact this collaboration will have on our clients’ businesses and the industry as a whole.”

This collaboration offers an accelerated pathway to drug market entry, combining TraceLink’s supply chain orchestration with RSM’s knowledge of seamless ERP integration and financial reconciliation, ensuring streamlined operations, and enhanced decision-making through collective intelligence. Key elements include:

  • Unified Integration and Collaboration: Embrace TraceLink’s Integrate-Once, Interoperate with Everyone™ approach through MINT, providing a single point of integration for all supply chain partners, which, when combined with RSM’s comprehensive knowledge, streamlines operations and strengthens inventory control.
  • Accelerated Market Entry: TraceLink and RSM jointly facilitate rapid drug commercialization, merging RSM’s launch support with seamless ERP integration for faster development-to-market transitions.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making and Efficiency: Integrate a complete supply chain view into your ERP systems, supported by RSM’s specialized consulting, for superior decision-making and peak operational efficiency.
  • Experience in Compliance and Performance: Ensure adherence to international regulations, including US Drug Supply Chain Security Act and EU Falsified Medicines Directive, while accessing expert advice for system optimization.
  • Optimized Financial Operations: RSM’s Financial Reconciliation services, supercharged with real-time supply chain information sourced from the TraceLink network, including chargebacks, enhance financial transparency and efficiency, completing the offering’s comprehensive nature for holistic supply chain management.

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