Transmute’s Verifiable Data Platform now available on SAP Store

The Transmute Connector helps enable easy use of verifiable credentials for customers

Today, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of the Transmute Connector to SAP Store. The Transmute Connector makes all the benefits of the Verifiable Data Platform (VDP) work seamlessly with companies’ existing SAP S/4HANA setup to transmute all supply chain documentation into digital verifiable credentials – or digital twins of this information.

Built on top of the same open technology standards being adopted by global regulators like US CBP, Transmute’s Verifiable Data Platform (VDP) leverages decentralized identifiers and verifiable credentials to transform cross border trade management.

By embracing the Transmute Connector with SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA®, enterprises unlock a whole new level of supply chain management and can experience:

  • a reduction in data administration time and costs by up to 90% annually
  • a drastic decrease in paper spending (up to 3% of annual revenue)
  • automated compliance with emerging customs regulations

The Transmute Connector is flexible and designed to be a foundational element of any digital manufacturing initiative, meeting the specific needs of companies involved in the global supply chain – from mill products like steel and aluminum to automotive and aerospace parts, and even e-commerce sectors. It presents an exciting operational advantage for manufacturers, logistics providers and customs brokers alike.

Karyl Fowler, CEO of Transmute, stated, “Bridging the data silos across global supply chains requires meeting customers where their data already lives today. By integrating with solutions from ERP and supply chain solution leader SAP, we’re making the benefits of verifiable credentials more broadly accessible – equipping teams with massive automation, including ironclad data provenance using digital signatures, simplified multi-party trade workflows, and actionable insights by way of a real-time, 360-degree searchable map view of their entire supply chain.”

As ESG mandates accelerate and reputation becomes veritably regulated, the Transmute Connector represents an exciting opportunity for businesses using SAP technologies to take advantage of Industry 4.0 technology in pursuit of greater standing with compliance authorities and customers.

The Transmute Connector’s launch on SAP Store concludes Transmute’s participation in the supply chain management program at SAP.iO Foundry New York in 2023, and solidifies a long-term partnership. Join us in embracing the era of Industry 4.0 and experience the transformative power of decentralized identifiers and verifiable credentials in your supply chain. Visit SAP Store today to start your journey towards a more efficient, safe, and sustainable supply chain.

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