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Trellix announced a new DLP feature with Google Chrome Enterprise

Trellix Data Loss Prevention for Chrome Enterprise delivers the next evolution in data security

Trellix, the cybersecurity company delivering the future of extended detection and response (XDR), today announced a new data loss prevention (DLP) feature with Google Chrome Enterprise, enabling secure browsing protection against insider threats by identifying and preventing data leaks.

Over one-third of global CISOs who experienced a major cybersecurity incident in the last five years cited insider threats as a contributing cause. Employees regularly share sensitive information through web browsers, both intentionally and accidentally. Improving the security of web browsing is a critical step toward protecting organizations’ sensitive and proprietary information from internal compromise.

Trellix DLP for Chrome Enterprise will be available within the Chrome Enterprise Recommended program as an integrated API, offering a seamless connection and improved performance over current Trellix DLP Chrome extensions. Organizations can monitor and block file uploads with sensitive content, monitor and block sensitive content copied and pasted into the Chrome browser, and control print activity, helping to prevent data leaks – a key source of insider threats.

“This integration with Google Chrome Enterprise is a step toward a safer, more secure browsing future for enterprises and their users,” said John Morgan, XDR General Manager, Trellix. “With the rise in AI tools, data sharing will only increase. Trellix is committed to working with partners to deliver data loss prevention features to stop data leaks, eliminate insider threats, and protect sensitive data.”

Trellix DLP for Chrome Enterprise offers performance improvements and increased stability over current Trellix DLP Chrome extensions to deliver browsing protection. Benefits include:

  • Seamless Connection: API-based integration is updated easily without interruption to the live environment.
  • Effortless Scale: Real-time content inspection scales across all users and endpoints within the organization.
  • Enhanced Security: More secure API-based solution with less susceptibility to vulnerabilities and more compatibility with various operating systems.
  • Simple, No-Cost Implementation: Easy to enroll all Chrome browsers across an organization at no cost and manage the one-time configuration of the API through Chrome’s cloud management tool.

“Our collaboration with Trellix is critical to advancing secure browsing protections for businesses,” said Scott Porter, Managing Director of Android & Chrome Enterprise Partnerships. “With this new integration, we believe Trellix DLP Endpoint customers will benefit from a better experience and stronger security controls to identify and protect against potential data leaks.”

A preview of Trellix DLP for Chrome Enterprise is available now for Trellix DLP Endpoint Complete (Windows OS) customers. Trellix Data Loss Prevention solutions protect sensitive data shared over endpoints, networks, email, the web, and through a partnership with Skyhigh Security in the cloud.

See a demo video of Trellix DLP for Chrome Browser during an upcoming Tech Talk webinar, Defend Against Insider Risk: Trellix DLP for Chrome Enterprise, on April 23 (register here) or contact us at to learn more.

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