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Trellix Endpoint Security earns SE Labs’ Highest AAA Rating

Trellix Endpoint Delivered 100% Total Accuracy with Zero False Positives and Compromised Systems

Trellix, the cybersecurity company delivering the future of extended detection and response (XDR), today announced Trellix Endpoint Security (ENS) earned the highest AAA rating in the SE Labs Endpoint Security (EPS) 2023 Q2 test for both Enterprise and Small Business categories. Trellix ENS delivered 100% scores across all categories demonstrating industry-leading protection without disruption of business productivity.

  • Trellix scored 100% Protection Accuracy. Trellix ENS achieved first place for being able to detect and protect against all threats including a targeted attack test.
  • Trellix scored 100% Legitimate Accuracy. Trellix ENS achieved top results without any false positives ensuring business productivity was not impacted.
  • Trellix scored 100% Total Accuracy. Trellix ENS delivered top protection, with no compromised systems, and no false positives.

SE Labs is a private, independent testing company that assesses security products and services to improve information technology. In this test, a variety of endpoint security products from a range of well-known vendors were judged on real-time effectiveness. Each product was exposed to the same threats. The tests included a mixture of targeted attacks using well-established techniques, public email, and web-based threats living on the internet.

“With today’s Security Operations teams being bombarded with alerts, false positives are an unnecessary distraction,” said John Morgan, XDR General Manager at Trellix. “As demonstrated by these independent test results, organizations can trust Trellix ENS to quickly detect, respond, and remediate threats with the highest level of accuracy.”

“Achieving 100% prevention while keeping false positives to zero is very challenging,” said Stefan Dumitrascu, CTO of SE Labs. “Trellix Endpoint Security placed top in a very competitive field of endpoint security products, highlighting its progress and success in dealing with today’s latest threats in cybersecurity.”

To achieve its AAA rating, Trellix had to prevent a variety of threat scenarios such as blocking malicious URLs, handling exploits, and a targeted attack scenario. Trellix ENS uses a broad range of malware prevention, machine learning-based behavior, and exploit prevention against file-based, fileless, and network-based threats. Importantly, Trellix ENS ensures it does not disrupt business productivity when correctly classifying legitimate applications and websites. Trellix also excelled against public email and web-based threats commonly used by cybercriminals to attack Microsoft Windows PCs.

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