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Trend Micro unveils new cyber risk management capabilities

10-to-1 tool consolidation drives record adoption by thousands of enterprise customers

Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global cybersecurity leader, today announced the availability of AI-driven cyber risk management capabilities across its entire flagship platform, Trend Vision One™. This seamlessly integrates more than 10 industry technology categories into one offering, empowering security, cloud and IT operations teams to manage risk proactively.

The outcome: simplified management of the entire cyber risk lifecycle including discovery, risk assessment, prioritization and remediation, which empowers users well beyond what can be achieved with legacy attack surface management tools.

Early adoption customer Dr. Andrew Adams, associate manager of information security at Xsolis: “Trend not only offers us unrivalled risk scoring, but also makes sense of telemetry better than anyone else. This allows us to contextualize and prioritize risk to take rapid remedial action and build cyber-resilience. As a leader in our use of AI in health technology, Trend puts us at the forefront of security as well, enabling us to reduce breach risk proactively rather than being forced to react to incidents.”

Corporate boards are increasingly considering cyber risk a part of broader business risk management strategy, as recent regulations zero in on organizations’ cybersecurity posture and risk profile. Trend enables CISOs to communicate risk early and more effectively to business leaders and empowers overburdened IT teams to streamline workflows and centralize prioritization and remediation with an unprecedented degree of visibility.

Kevin Simzer, COO at Trend: “Industry demand for visibility across the attack surface isn’t new. This is why we see an increase in buzzwords like ‘platformization’. However, customers don’t want a stitched-together platform. They want true visibility and the ability to effectively assess risk. We’ve gone further still – enabling organizations not only to know where their most critical risks are, but also to mitigate and remediate them. With adoption surging in the first six months, security leaders and the broader cybersecurity industry are clearly on board.”

The new cyber risk management capabilities offered through Trend Vision One™ Attack Surface Risk Management (ASRM) will provide cybersecurity teams comprehensive, precise and continuous risk assessment across the entire enterprise environment. This marks a huge leap beyond siloed risk views and fixed assessments common among point solution vendors and stitched-together acquisition approaches.

Michelle Abraham, Research Director, Security and Trust at IDC: “As part of the Trend Vision One platform, Attack Surface Risk Management eliminates blind spots to provide consolidated risk visibility and management. The addition of extended detection and response (XDR) and identity telemetry works to amplify the power of Attack Surface Risk Management, to help organizations build resilience against breaches, minimize the attack surface and support zero trust implementations.”

Proactive cyber risk management has emerged as a critical initiative for enterprise business leaders, boardrooms, and federal agencies as breach volume and impact has risen – and as threat actors turn to AI to assist fraud efficacy and ramp up attack scale. 2023 saw a record-breaking number of publicly reported data breaches in the US, with more than 353 million downstream victims affected.

To learn more about Trend Vision One™ Attack Surface Risk Management (ASRM), visit: 

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