Truecaller Launches AI-powered Call Recording for iPhone & Android

Truecaller has launched its AI-powered call recording feature for its 350 million active users on both iPhone and Android, starting from the US and gradually to different parts of the world in the months to come. The AI-powered functionality significantly sets Truecaller apart from others in this space.

The new feature records both sides of the call with high clarity and provides summarized transcriptions of all call recordings, turning the call recording into text that is easy to navigate. Each transcription will come with a brief subject line that makes it easier to quickly and accurately search within these transcriptions using Large Language Model (LLM) technology. This will remove the need to sift through hours of recordings to locate a specific piece of information (this will be rolled out soon).

  • Call Recorder allows users to record specific incoming and outgoing calls within the app, preserving every detail while keeping spam and pesky calls at bay.
  • Users can easily manage recordings: listen, rename, share, or delete – on our intuitive platform.
  • This feature enables users to focus on discussions without worrying about note-taking, thereby increasing productivity.
  • It will initially be available for our premium users in the US, it will soon be accessible globally.
  • All recordings are locally stored on users’ devices ensuring absolute privacy.
  • iPhone users will be able to keep a backup of all recordings in their iCloud storage so that they don’t get lost. Android users can choose to backup recordings to their Google Drive.
  • In addition to the above, Truecaller promises some interesting inclusions to this feature soon such as an AI-generated summary of the recording and short call title.

Speaking about the new feature, Raphael Mimoun, Cloud Telephony Product Director at Truecaller stated, “The decision to launch the Truecaller Call recording feature is inspired by advancements in Language Learning Models (LLMs) that aim to redefine the call recording experience. Our new feature enables fast, intuitive retrieval and use of recordings with smart search and call summaries. We are eager to see its transformative impact on how our users manage their calls, record, retrieve and utilize conversations.”

This feature can be accessed in the following ways for iPhone and Android users:

For iPhone:

For incoming calls, users can answer the incoming call, open the Truecaller app, and go to the Search tab. One needs to just tap on the ‘Record a call’ button and call the recording line, which is a special number provided by Truecaller. The call screen will then provide the option to merge those two calls.

For outgoing calls, users can navigate over to the Truecaller app and use the Search tab to find the ‘Record a call’ option. After calling the recording line, they can add a call by choosing a phonebook contact or manually entering a desired number. Once the two calls are merged, the call will be recorded.

For both incoming and outgoing calls, once the conference call ends, a push notification will be sent when the recording is ready. Users can also access calls that were previously recorded using the Truecaller application. On iPhone, all recorded calls are stored directly on the device, ensuring complete control. Additionally, users have the option to create a backup on iCloud, providing an extra layer of security.

For Android:

The Truecaller dialer includes a dedicated recording button to start or stop recording. On other dialers, users will have a ‘floating’ button to initiate or end recording. Once the call ends, a push notification will alert users to the availability of the recorded conversation, which can be organized and managed easily.

With recorded calls at their fingertips, Truecaller users gain unparalleled flexibility in managing their conversations. They can easily listen to recordings, rename them for better organization, delete unwanted ones, or seamlessly share them with other apps such as Airdrop, Messages, or Mail.

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