Trust Stamp launch AI-powered software on the NayaOne Marketplace

Trust Stamp has launched on the NayaOne Tech Marketplace with AI-powered products to help banks and financial institutions combat fraud, retain customers, and reach a broader user base

Trust Stamp announced that it has launched its proprietary Identity HubTM on the NayaOne Marketplace offering AI-powered software solutions that offer:

  • Advanced Biometric Authentication with liveness and presentation attack detection to combat fraud and enhance security during customer onboarding, account access, and high-risk transactions protecting against identity theft and account takeovers.
  • Robust Identity Verification and KYC including document validation with anti-spoofing checks and synthetic identity detection including identity deduplication.
  • Synthetic Identity Fraud Detection via biometric velocity checks and identifying stolen or fabricated identities.
  • Enhanced Data Privacy and Protection by irreversibly transforming sensitive personal data into secure, anonymised identity tokens (IT2) protecting privacy while maintaining data utility for identity verification purposes.

Varun Resh, Marketplace Manager of NayaOne, commented, “We’re excited to welcome Trust Stamp to the NayaOne Tech Marketplace. Banks and financial institutions are increasingly threatened by sophisticated fraud schemes, which exploit vulnerabilities through tactics like phishing, social engineering, and advanced digital forgery. These challenges require the evolution of fraud detection and prevention strategies, investment in cutting-edge technologies such as AI and biometric authentication, and the prioritization of robust compliance and data privacy measures.”

Andrew Gowasack, Trust Stamp’s President, commented, As fraudsters become more adept at circumventing traditional security measures, prioritizing robust fraud prevention is crucial to protect customers, safeguard assets, and maintain trust in the banking system and banks must continuously evolve their fraud detection and prevention strategies by investing in cutting-edge technologies. NayaOne’s platform provides financial institutions with the ability to build, test, and create unique solutions to the complex problems that they face and Trust Stamp’s technology is delivered through a set of microservices, which is ideally suited to the NayaOne platform and gives institutions flexibility in creating solutions. We are excited to be co-creating with NayaOne and we look forward to working with its customer base.”

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