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Trusted Objects publishes a Position Paper on Software & IP Protection for OEM

Trusted Objects, an expert in cybersecurity for the Industrial Internet of Things, has just published a Position Paper on the protection of OEM’s software code against security breaches, covering vulnerabilities and innovative solutions to fix these vulnerabilities.

The purpose of this position paper is to analyze the vulnerabilities leading to software & IP hacking and theft, to look at the different solutions and their gaps and to finally introduce a new concept adapted to embedded systems.

Trusted Objects Position Paper “Software & IP Protection for OEM” analyzes the vulnerabilities that are often encountered during the device manufacturing process, on the off-the-shelf device and during the OTA (Over The Air) software update. The document then explores the different security technologies have been deployed for decades to protect data and software, including state-of-the art cryptography, digital signature, secure boot, obfuscation of executables. However, these existing security solutions have led to identifying some gaps for embedded systems.

The Position Paper concludes with the new concepts identified for software and IP protection, bringing a seamless protection all along the “chain of trust.” Secure libraries based on cryptography and obfuscation techniques have proven to be efficient against reverse engineering, and easy to implement. Centralized solutions for secure programming are getting user friendly and easy to implement, at effective cost.

Trusted Objects has pioneered new concepts and innovative solutions for software & IP protection, including secure libraries, secure programming and secure boot for OTA secure software update. Trusted Objects has also partnered with System General to have TOPS, its secure programming solution, qualified on System General programming equipment.

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