Turvo & Oko to enhance supply chain operations with data automation

This collaboration empowers 3PLs and brokers to rapidly create orders and shipments via email, then post, secure, and manage shipments — all from an intuitive collaborative platform.

Turvo Inc. (“Turvo” or “the Company”), provider of the world’s leading collaboration application designed for the supply chain, has partnered with Oko, an innovative technology company that helps organizations navigate the complexities of supply chain management through data automation.

Through this collaboration between Turvo and Oko, 3PLs and brokers can quickly create orders and shipments via email with no data entry using any attachment format (PDF, Excel, email content, etc.).

“Bringing together Turvo and Oko creates a next-level shipping process that’s unmatched in the industry,” said Brett Williams, SVP of Sales at Turvo. “Combining our cloud-based, collaborative TMS with Oko’s ability to automate shipment creation from email brings increased operational efficiency and an improved customer experience.”

“By integrating Oko with Turvo, you can receive automated order and shipment creation for all customers, eliminating manual data entry without changing your current processes,” said Sebastian Pedraza, CRO and Co-Founder of Oko.

“The seamless integration between Oko and Turvo allows us to automate order and shipment creation for customers that are not EDI connected, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual data entry,” said Anna Shalapinin, Director of Project and Systems Administration at Genpro, an award-winning 3PL company that uses the integrated solution.

The process of creating shipments, accepting bids and tendering for delivery, then tracking carriers to ensure timely delivery, is complex and time-consuming when done manually. With Turvo and Oko, brokers and 3PLs can tap the power of automation to quickly create and manage shipments on behalf of shippers for an unparalleled customer experience.

The partnership between Turvo and Oko reflects a shared commitment to innovation and technology-driven solutions that help customers automate and simplify their shipping processes, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

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