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uCloudlink’s New Hyper-Connectivity Concept’s Exceptional UX

UCLOUDLINK GROUP INC. (NASDAQ: UCL, “uCloudlink”), the world’s first and leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace, is breaking down barriers to mobile traffic access with its revolutionary new Hyper-Connectivity concept. By delivering a truly seamless, end-to-end user experience anywhere, anytime on any platform or device, uCloudlink would shape the hyperconnected world of tomorrow, today.

uCloudlink’s revolutionary solution is focused on achieving two goals: reliability of the mobile network, and a secure connection at all times. Using the three-pronged method of identifying the key applications of users, monitoring their experience and optimizing the connection, uCloudlink’s Hyper-Connectivity would cross physical boundaries, providers, SIM requirements, nations and levels to deliver the best experience possible for end users. With the cloud SIM technology through its PaaS and SaaS platform, uCloudlink’s innovative Hyper-Connectivity solution would redefine the mobile network user experience.

True hyper-connectivity relies on targeting two strategic cores: the operator and the user. uCloudlink would strengthen its ecosystem with mobile network operators with the ambition to connect networks of all countries, all operators and all technical standards through its PaaS and SaaS platforms. In doing so, it could avoid the difficulties of cross-operator cooperation, improve collective service quality and user experience, and reduce the off-grid rate.

At the same time, uCloudlink’s new Hyper-Connectivity concept could help reduce costs for MNOs. Users can switch freely and flexibly between operators depending on their location and service quality – eliminating the need for MNOs to sign roaming agreements in other countries, while allowing users to enjoy global roaming at local prices. Operators can also sell their traffic to any user in the world, empowering them to increase their reach and broaden their customer base internationally.

By cooperating with operators, uCloudlink’s Hyper-Connectivity concept could ultimately put network use back in the hands of users. No longer restricted by a single provider, users can access the most suitable, high-quality services based on their real-time needs, enhancing their experience for work, study, leisure and entertainment. Hyper-connectivity would make “navigation + electronic toll pass” through various networks a reality, which greatly improves network efficiency, so that network coverage, speed and low latency meet users’ requirement in various scenarios which elevates data connectivity user experience.

Beyond better connecting operators and users, uCloudlink’s Hyper-Connectivity concept is invaluable to businesses in industries that are highly dependent on network availability. Express delivery, logistics, and global enterprises regularly access mobile data traffic on the go, both domestically and internationally. uCloudlink’s Hyper-Connectivity concept could help supply these industries with critical connectivity when they need it the most, ensuring they stay connected to their business and their customers.

Independently developed based upon its leading support platform, uCloudlink’s Hyper-Connectivity concept would redefine the mobile data connection experience and provides reliable high-speed network access at competitive prices. This innovative concept would break through the barriers of existing network connectivity to connect operators and users like never before and in turn, transform both the industry and society.

Looking ahead, uCloudlink will continue to establish partnerships with businesses from all walks of life, and together promote all industries to become globalized, digitized and intelligent — all with the help of mobile data services.

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