UiPath to Unveil Latest AI-Powered Automation Innovations

  • UiPath to hold annual AI Summit March 30 to showcase operationalizing AI within the UiPath Business Automation Platform, including new generative AI experiences for developers and workers
  • Register here for the UiPath AI Summit. The event will be broadcast in three time zones: 11 am ET, 10 am BST, and 2 pm AEDT
  • Exclusive preview of UiPath Clipboard AI, which increases the power of automation in data-based work

UiPath (NYSE: PATH), a leading enterprise automation software company, today announced its annual UiPath AI Summit will take place March 30, offering viewers around the world insight into strategies for adopting the newest AI to bolster their automation initiatives and practical guidance from leading AI and automation industry use cases.

UiPath, a pioneer in AI-powered automation, delivers on an AI strategy that encompasses three essential pillars: openness, flexibility, and enterprise readiness. The company introduced using AI to help discover automation opportunities with Process Mining and Task Mining, automate more with AI Computer Vision, Document Understanding and Communications Mining, and supercharge productivity for both developers and users of all kinds across the business.

During the summit, attendees will hear the company’s plans for role-based productivity and ease of use for developers and other workers. The UiPath low code development environment already uses AI to suggest next logical actions, and developers will soon be able to describe a process to be automated in natural language followed by UiPath Studio automatically generating the automation. In addition, attendees will get an exclusive preview of Clipboard AI, a first of its kind innovation that combines UiPath AI with Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, Google, and others to bring the power of automation to anyone that has to copy/paste data in their routine work.

The UiPath Business Automation Platform is an open platform that easily helps customers build automations that utilize new generative AI experiences that are stable, manageable, resilient, and compliant. Customers can advance their businesses by integrating with industry-leading AI innovations across the entire AI ecosystem including AI services from Google and Microsoft, AWS SageMaker models, and Open AI and Azure Open AI.

“While AI is moving fast, it requires automation to execute on everyday use cases like interacting across applications, filling in forms, or completing common process automations,” said Graham Sheldon, Chief Product Officer at UiPath. “Businesses are planning to use foundation modelsand tailor them with data to their unique needs to develop enterprise-grade generative AI experiences. As the Company that built the category for AI-powered automation, the UiPath platform is the best way to accelerate bringing these new experiences to fruition in a responsible, trustworthy way. That’s why our roadmap will further integrate these technologies to allow our customers to implement a combination of AI and automation on the platform they trust.”

At the virtual AI Summit, viewers will learn how to unlock and accelerate AI-powered initiatives – from OpenAI GPT to business communications to the application of natural language processing (NLP). The summit features experts from UiPath, customers such as Dexcom, USI, Hub International, and Exponent Health, and partners including Amelia discussing a range of in-demand topics that can help automation professionals, business leaders, and knowledge workers understand the benefits of AI solutions for their companies.

UiPath recently released into public preview OpenAI and Microsoft Azure OpenAI Connectors. These will enable UiPath customers to build intelligent workflows across numerous automated use cases. The new connectors provide access to popular OpenAI text generation capabilities, including all LLMs, making them enterprise-ready for citizen developers and RPA experts. Combined with other UiPath Integration Service activities, AI-generated text will yield time savings to automation Centers of Excellence and business users alike.

The summit opens with a keynote session, “The Intersection of AI, NLP, and Automation: Redefining Business Operations for the Future” which will explore the latest trends in AI and NLP, how they’re transforming the enterprise landscape, and implications for businesses of all sizes.

UiPath product deep dives include sessions on Document Understanding, Communications Mining, and leveraging the power of AI Center. The AI Summit will close with the session, “Transform Employee Experiences: Digital Agents powered by UiPath and Amelia Conversational Al” and an exclusive look at the UiPath Business Automation Platform AI product roadmap, including innovations using generative AI, Machine Learning Model Training, and LLMs.

Industry breakout sessions will include:

  • The Power of AI-Driven Automation in Financial Services: Challenges, Successes, and Best Practices
  • Transforming Insurance Operations: Optimizing Costs with AI-powered Automation
  • From Document-Driven Processes to Data-Driven Healthcare with AI & Automation
  • Driving Mission Impact with AI & Automation in Public Sector
  • Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: Harnessing AI and Automation to Optimize Business Processes

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