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Uniigym Combines AI, Cloud Algorithms to Change Fitness Apps

The virtual fitness industry is experiencing exponential growth, with a market size estimated to reach $59 and grow at a CAGR of 33% between 2020 and 2027. Uniigym is leading this revolution by implementing AI technology and cloud algorithms to create a virtual fitness platform like no other.

Uniigym implements AI technology to create fitness content using green screen shooting and graphic design. It can also be used to detect motion to self-generate music and special effects. The innovative AI technology used makes creating content 8-10 times faster than professional fitness video editors.

Current online fitness products on the market have faced myriad obstacles that have limited their acceptance and success. Their services usually require software upgrades or additional hardware purchases. Their courses are delivered by unlicensed / inexperienced instructors. Moreover, no guidance is provided during the workout sessions, which may lead to injuries or negative physical outcomes. Motivation may also decrease due to not being part of an interactive environment shared with other people who are also achieving their fitness goals and trainers who provide words of encouragement.

Driven to “keep moving” together – A wellness app and bonding platform in one.

Uniigym is here to revolutionize the virtual fitness experience. The Uniihome version connects through normal broadband telecom services to SmartTVs, laptops, and mobile phones with no additional hardware or software upgrades needed. Users can transform their living room to a workout space with unlimited access to fitness courses curated by world-renowned fitness trainers. AI-generated sound and lighting effects accompany users through various types of workouts, including street dance, cardio, yoga, and tai chi, satisfying a wide array of fitness interests and goals while engaging users in fun and highly interactive workout sessions.

What really sets Uniigym apart from other virtual fitness products and makes it even better than real-life training sessions is its deployment of innovative, somatosensory identification technology. This revolutionary innovation targets the user’s bone and joint points, uses cloud algorithms to compare user movements with those of the trainers, identifies and corrects the user’s posture by posting excellent, good, fair, and miss ratings on screen. Users are able to identify their incorrect movements and improve throughout the course. Uniigym also uses personal devices to record and store data on the user’s heart rate and calorie count to her or his designated personal account. Uniigym hopes its innovative technology not only works as a fitness and wellbeing tool, but also as a way to connect family and friends together in fun and interactive fitness sessions.

Uniigym’s interactive platform turns any space into a “Uniigym Virtual Environment”

The initial goal of Uniigym was to create a platform that could be used in physical education courses, allowing teachers to design more challenging and interactive courses that maintain students’ interest and attention. The service then gained popularity in home, gym, and community center settings. Now expanding its innovative technology to the wider community, Uniigym’s Uniicube is capable of transforming any space with walls into a “Uniigym Virtual Environment” with just a projector. Collaborating with Decathlon and Taiwan Normal University, Uniigym is using its innovative technology to bring communities together and to strengthen physical wellness and emotional bonds.

Exploring opportunities with the 5G network

Started by a group of AI calculating and cloud algorithm engineers. Uniigym has grown by leaps and bounds in just 2 years. The company was selected to be a part of the 4th batch of the Hype Spin Accelerator Taiwan, has teamed up with Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA), and was selected as one of the 100 featured Taiwanese startups to be showcased at CES 2021.

Uniigym has shown its ambition to grow into the era of 5G. The company is looking forward to delivering a mobile version of its product in 2021 and to expanding into the arenas of augmented reality and virtual reality. Furthermore, the company will take Uniigym to the next level through the B2B2C model and, to this end, is currently liaising with international mobile service companies to integrate MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) capabilities that will allow users to compete to meet their fitness goals with users from all over the world.

The demand for personal space and efficient workout options will be greater than ever in the post-pandemic era. From its beginnings as a home-based fitness solution, Uniigym has expanded out into the community and is now ready to go global. Uniigym is working hard to unite the world through its virtual interactive fitness platform .

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