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UScellular adds 5G Private Cellular Network to Rockwell Automation Lab

Enhances Speed and Performance for Advanced Technology Applications

UScellular and Rockwell Automation have joined together to build the Connected Enterprise Lab at Rockwell Automations’ Mayfield Heights, Ohio location. This collaboration delivers the latest private cellular network technology allowing Rockwell Automation customers to interact and experiment with a 5G network in an innovative digital lab experience.

This digital transformation initiative between UScellular and Rockwell Automation will demonstrate leadership within OT environments through the integration of advanced wireless operations as this new technology is integrated into existing network architectures, providing highly available control systems. The placement of UScellular’s 5G technology will enable expanding sales opportunities as they move from a more historical public service provider to working with private major global manufacturing companies.

“The future of Industry 4.0 and supply chain management will increasingly involve digital technologies and solutions designed to transform the manufacturing industry by providing an integrated experience between public and private cellular networks,” said Kim Kerr, senior vice president, enterprise sales and operations for UScellular.

With the growing need for high-speed data networks, advanced cellular 4G and 5G capabilities from private cellular networks can be designed for specific use cases. With a combination of 5G cellular and wireline gigabit designs, customers will experience the benefits of both technologies based on their unique needs. These Industry 4.0 hybrid networks improve operational performance and deliver a rapid return on investment.

This technology collaboration will seamlessly drive the operations on the plant or manufacturing floor and allow communication, monitoring, and control of complex automated processes such as conveyors, temperature control, robot cells, and many other industrial machines.

“UScellular and their private cellular network expertise will help Rockwell Automation in our journey to deliver the latest in advanced networking technology to our customers,” said Dan DeYoung, Global Vice President Product Management and PMO, Rockwell Automation. “Together, we’re not just addressing current market needs but delivering a best-of-both-worlds technology landscape that will shape the future of Industrial & IoT Networking.”

With the private cellular network, Rockwell will simulate real-world settings and work with leading edge customers in the lab to prove out these advanced technologies using low-latency, 5G data speeds. Initial use cases focus on Industry 4.0 manufacturing, distribution, warehousing and the Internet of Things (IoT). This includes connecting manufacturing facilities with sensors, machine learning, artificial intelligence, AR/VR and autonomous robotics.

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