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Vaadin’s multilingual AI Form Filler helps developers build AI into business applications

Business apps can automatically fill in forms from PDFs, receipts, emails, and chats in multiple languages

Vaadin, a provider of Java web application platforms, today announced the launch of AI Form Filler, an add-on to Vaadin Flow that can automatically fill out forms based on unstructured text in a wide range of languages. Using AI Form Filler, developers can easily incorporate features to fill in forms from receipts, emails, PDFs, and chat conversations into their Vaadin-based business applications.

While developers know it is possible to fill out a form by extracting relevant information from unstructured text using large-language models such as OpenAI’s GPT, integrating this functionality into each web application or use case can be challenging and time-consuming. Developers who want to leverage OpenAI’s GPT in their business applications must do all the work to set up the appropriate prompt engineering and context to extract the relevant information from unstructured text. They also must implement the logic to use the extracted data to fill in the many different types of UI components in their forms—all of which take significant developer time and effort.

Vaadin’s AI Form Filler allows developers to easily embed the AI experience into their business applications, increasing developer efficiencies while elevating the user experience.

Samples of how developers can use Vaadin’s AI Form Filler functionality include:

  • Adding PDF invoices in multiple languages to an ERP application
  • Automatically creating an expense item from a scanned receipt
  •  Extracting information from an email to an order form
  • Using a chatbot conversation to fill out a support ticket

“For developers, the promise of OpenAI’s GPT has been limited by the amount of effort and time spent on the manual processes of setup and integration,” said Kim Weins, head of product at Vaadin. “Vaadin’s new AI Form Filler delivers extraordinary gains in developer efficiency and impact, accelerates feature development, and positions even the smallest companies for remarkable growth, innovation, and competitive advantage—-all while making business applications more valuable and more efficient for end users.” 

AI Form Filler is currently available as an Experimental feature and works with Vaadin Flow 24 or later. It is free to all users through at least the end of 2023.

More resources:

  • Learn more: Vaadin’s multilingual AI Form Filler helps developers build AI into business applications.

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