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Vantagepoint A.I. Releases New Cybersecurity Sector For Traders


Ransomware and Cyberfraud are on the rise creating a new field of products and services; the Cybersecurity industry presents an exciting opportunity for traders.

Vantagepoint AI, the first company in the world to give independent traders the power of Artificial Intelligence for their home computers, has released a new sector for traders.

Cybersecurity stocks and ETFs present an exciting, emerging area for trading and investment. Vantagepoint’s machine learning has been tracking these assets and developing highly accurate predictive forecasts for traders to use in their trading decisions. 

VantagePoint, the software driven by A.I., is third-party verified at up to 87.4% accuracy. Traders see market movements 1-3 days in advance helping them to make trades with greater confidence, set stop losses to mitigate their risk, and find new opportunities using VantagePoint’s patented Global Intermarket Analysis.

Currently, 54 stocks consistently forecasted with a high degree of accuracy are offered to traders in this new sector. More stocks will be added as they meet Vantagepoint’s stringent thresholds for forecasts from the machine learning and patented neural network processes so that they can be included in VantagePoint software.

“To help traders understand this exciting new field of products and services in the financial markets,” says Lane Mendelsohn, President of Vantagepoint AI, “we are releasing a free eBook on Cybersecurity. This should help traders understand why this sector is poised to grow and explain how using artificial intelligence can be a key in successfully trading these assets with confidence.”

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