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Varonis Unveils force multiplier for Salesforce admins

Data security leader adds game-changing new features for Salesforce admins, saving them hours in their day while improving Salesforce security posture

Varonis Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: VRNS), a pioneer in data security and analytics, today announced a force multiplier for Salesforce admins — one-click permissions comparison and analysis.

These new features strengthen Varonis’ Salesforce security and compliance solution, which helps customers identify risky misconfigurations, discover sensitive data, and detect internal and external threats to SaaS data.

Salesforce admins are responsible for keeping business running, but answers to seemingly simple questions like, “Who has access to our sensitive or critical data in Salesforce?” or “Why can’t I access the records I need to do my job?” can take hours to address — even for just one user — using native Salesforce features alone.

Varonis’ new permissions analysis and comparison features save Salesforce admins hours of time, helping them address business disruption and data exposure issues quickly and proactively. Admins can now compare the permissions of multiple users to quickly see similarities or differences.

Varonis analyzes every method in which users gain permissions in Salesforce — through Profiles, Roles, Permission Sets, etc. — and aggregates the net effective permissions for every user. With Varonis for Salesforce, admins can easily see what a user can access with unprecedented granularity and enforce Zero Trust data access.

Varonis DatAdvantage Cloud is an agentless, cloud-native SaaS solution that can span across multiple Salesforce tenants, as well as other critical SaaS apps such as Google Drive, Box, AWS, Okta, GitHub, Jira, Slack, and Zoom.

Varonis for Salesforce takes just minutes to install and provides data security insights instantly. Sign up for a complimentary SaaS Data Risk Assessment to evaluate your security posture and eliminate data exposure risks.

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