VCD partners with Sleuth Kit Labs for Digital Forensics

Vendetta Cyber Defense (VCD) is thrilled to announce its strategic design partnership with Sleuth Kit Labs! This move aims to enhance VCD’s digital forensics capabilities to investigate and resolve ransomware, business email compromise, and other forms of cyberattacks. It also strengthens VCD’s commitment to delivering robust cybersecurity solutions for clients.

Sleuth Kit Labs enables front-line cyber investigators with innovative software, training, and services. By partnering with them, VCD reinforces its standing as a premier digital forensics and incident response firm. Here are some of the key highlights of this strategic partnership:

Strengthening Cyber Defenses

Ransomware attacks cause extensive harm to businesses. Threat actors who engage in these activities infiltrate organizations’ networks, often stealing or encrypting sensitive and critical data. These hackers then demand substantial ransom payments in exchange for access to the stolen or hidden files, which only they can release or decrypt.

Companies must strengthen their defenses and effectively respond to cyberattacks to prevent operational disruptions that lead to financial losses. However, threat actors often use evolving tactics that traditional or outdated cybersecurity measures might fail to detect or counter. This presents the need for companies to prepare for an incident and mitigate its consequences by ensuring their team and infrastructure are ready with advanced digital forensics capabilities.

The Strategic Design Collaboration

Vendetta Cyber Defense has partnered with Sleuth Kit Labs to respond to cybersecurity challenges more effectively. This collaboration demonstrates a sustainable approach to addressing the impact of ransomware and other cyberattacks. By utilizing Sleuth Kit Labs’ expertise in digital forensics, VCD aims to enhance its ability to work with cyber insurance carriers and cyber law firms to reduce the impact of these attacks and assist the victim organizations to recover their IT environments and restore their business operations.

When asked to speak about the new partnership, VCD CEO and Managing Partner Pete Seeber said, “I am thrilled to bring this enhanced capability to the market and reunite with Brian Carrier’s world-class team at Sleuth Kit Labs including Lee Sult who leads their professional services division. Lee and I have a long and successful track record of working together in this space, so this partnership was an easy decision. I am excited to witness the benefits that VCD can now bring to companies impacted by cyberattacks.”

Meanwhile, Lee Sult, Principal Investigator at Sleuth Kit Labs, highlighted the innovative aspects of the partnership. He stated, “The incident response community is a tight-knit group working toward the same goal of minimizing the impact of cyberattacks. Pete and Jordan have been ahead of the curve in their approach to client service for several years. This makes the partnership a perfect opportunity to launch the Sleuth Kit Labs brand and our technical capabilities in the marketplace.”

Jordan Snook, Head of Incident Response and Managing Partner at VCD, emphasized the importance of leveraging automation in incident response. He said, “At VCD, we heavily utilize automation while providing comprehensive incident response services. This partnership allows us to bring to market the full cycle of digital forensics and incident response capabilities needed to deal with threat actors. It also streamlines our processes, enabling faster and more effective incident resolution.”

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