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Venzee Technologies Advances Syndication Self-Service with AI/ML

Venzee Technologies Inc. (TSXV: VENZ) (“Venzee” or the “Company“) announces today continued application, development and use of artificial and augmented intelligence technology now deployed to optimize active client operations.

Venzee, a “smart tech” Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, is used by Consumer Brands to move critical, consumer-facing product information to any global retailer.

According to Venzee CEO John Abrams, global retail scale and increased operational complexity require modern technical solutions. “The 1940s era standards and structures that govern most electronic data interchange (EDI) and data pool solutions available in retail trade don’t meet the pressing need for infinite product data expression that Consumer Brands must deliver to remain relevant in today’s ‘endless aisle.'”

Said Mr. Abrams, “the Venzee platform is designed to open Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tech to simply connect Consumer Brands to their retail partners and engaged consumers. Our technical and operations teams have built easy access, ‘self-service’ tools Consumer Brands can rapidly deploy to get relevant data to retailers and consumers anywhere.”

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning present enormous disruptive potential to the supply chain and retail industries. Venzee is strategically applying intelligent technology to its operations to optimize client operations and drive revenue.

Venzee Vice President of Product Development, Marco Sylvestre, said, “AI is the most critical component in achieving our self-serve syndication goal. Augmenting human intelligence with machine learning is a “smart” approach to syndication, intelligently designed for instant access to infinite retail connections.”

Continued Mr. Sylvestre, “AI is the digital version of Six Sigma’s continuous improvement that facilitates the technological resilience and scalability needed to maintain a competitive edge in the market.”

Radically simpler than alternatives, Venzee’s Mesh Connectors™ are unique in the market, system agnostic and infinitely scalable. Venzee’s intelligent platform offers partners and brands a reliable, machine-to-machine interface that accelerates the distribution of product information to any retail destination.

With more than 400 major retail Mesh Connectors™ available to clients, Venzee has become an important tool in the simplification and automation of syndication processes for brands globally.

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