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Verato revolutionizes data stewardship with Smart Steward

The assistant powered by Google Cloud’s Vertex AI provides healthcare organizations frictionless end-to-end identity data management solution

Verato, the identity experts for healthcare, announced today the launch of Smart Steward, a first-of-its-kind generative AI-based assistant for healthcare data stewardship teams. The launch of Smart Steward enables healthcare organizations to combine the power of Verato’s patented approach to referential matching (the Verato Referential Matching technology) with new generative AI features leveraging Google Cloud’s Vertex AI, to drive operational efficiencies and help improve healthcare data integrity.

Smart Steward is the latest addition to the Verato hMDM platform, the uncompromising next generation of healthcare identity data management, purpose-built to combine the benefits of healthcare’s most accurate EMPI with trusted identity verification, enterprise master data management, and data enrichment. Now with Smart Steward, the Verato hMDM platform provides everything healthcare organizations need for end-to-end identity data management in one frictionless solution.

Key capabilities of the Verato Smart Steward application include:

  • AI-Powered Recommendations: Verato Smart Steward provides recommendations on how tasks should be resolved. Data stewards can choose to automatically resolve tasks based on AI-powered recommendations to improve their productivity.
  • Match Transparency: Verato Smart Steward clarifies match decisions and recommendations in easy-to-understand language–allowing data governance teams to make informed decisions on match results.
  • Conversational Match Explainer: Verato Smart Steward uses conversational AI to explain its recommendations, including why a task was created or why two identities are a match. Data stewards can ask follow-up questions and receive replies in a chatbot-like manner.

“In our work with Google Cloud’s Vertex AI, we concluded that our investment in LLMs is the perfect engine for Verato Smart Steward assistant,” says Avishek Mukherjee, Chief Product Officer, Verato. “This is a great accelerator and will pay long-term dividends for Verato customers in future iterations of this innovative technology. Together with the capabilities of our Verato Referential Matching and Verato Match Tier™ services, our Smart Steward assistant application will help customers manage identity as the central capability for their personalization strategy across all healthcare consumer interactions.”

The net effect at an organization using Smart Steward is that only the most challenging tasks that require review get raised to the data stewardship team, reducing the team’s workload by 50% to 65%. Moreover, the assistant application helps the customer understand the overall match logic in a conversational interface, allowing customers to gain trust and understanding of the logic applied. Smart Steward has increased automated task resolution by 50% to 70% across the initial set of customers and will gain further accuracy as Verato starts to offer this technology to its other 100 customers.

Visit the Verato hMDM listing on Google Cloud Marketplace to get started with Smart Steward: Or contact Verato at for more information.

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