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Verboso Launches Full-Stack Online Speech Therapy Service


Verboso, a former Microsoft AI for Accessibility grantee, has launched a new virtual speech therapy platform that takes an innovative approach to online speech therapy, powered by speech recognition. The service combines face-to-face sessions with a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist, plus access to one-of-a-kind games that each client’s therapist customizes to their needs to deliver feedback for home practice. These specially designed speech therapy games include speech recognition software that helps guide practice of correct speech skills learned in sessions.

By leveraging this technology, Verboso can deliver therapy services at lower prices than traditional therapy. The technology also allows clients to securely message their therapist, review their progress and engage in therapy sessions all within a centralized portal. The convenience of therapy at home, along with access to specialized games, gives clients more control over when and how much they practice. By helping clients practice effectively between sessions, Verboso aims to help clients reach their speech goals quickly.

Families can book a free screening today at

How Verboso’s full-stack online therapy works:

Verboso provides therapy services at multiple levels of therapist involvement. Under this model, families access and pay for only what is needed to advance their speech therapy goals.

To get started, families can sign up for a free screening with one of Verboso’s certified speech language pathologists. Following the screening, Verboso offers a few therapy options and the therapist will recommend the appropriate path for each client. Families can sign up for a monthly subscription which provides access to two sessions with a certified speech therapist a month and access to the games to practice in between sessions.

Alternatively, families can also purchase individual therapy sessions as frequently as needed and will get access to the games as well.

Finally, in March of 2021, Verboso will release their Game Pass subscription tier at $10 per month. With this subscription, families can subscribe to the games, without needing to sign up for therapy sessions. Making the games accessible to families at a low monthly cost provides materials for those who may already have a therapist or just need some focused practice and repetition at home.

“It’s critical that kids continue to have access to regular speech therapy services. Home practice is challenging for busy families, but it can make all the difference in how quickly a child advances through treatment. Our approach makes therapy accessible, and makes practice engaging and fun so that clients make progress.” Says Amy Linde, MA, CCC-SLP, CCO at Verboso.

“Launching this service comes at an important moment when many children are struggling to access therapy due to the pandemic. Our goal is that by utilizing our technology we will be able to expand access to care in a cost effective and convenient way for families.” Says Steven Arose, CEO at Verboso.

Features and benefits of Verboso’s online speech therapy service include.

  •     Cost savings for families
  •     Service options for various levels of therapy
  •     Convenient therapy access
  •     Engaging therapy games to boost motivation
  •     Increased data on performance for clients and therapists

Service Pricing:
Clients can get started with a free screening to assess their therapy needs. From there families can access the games and two 30 minute therapy sessions for a monthly subscription of $120 per month, or can schedule Pay-as-you go teletherapy sessions with Verboso therapists for $100 for a 45-minute session. Alternatively, families can subscribe to the Game Pass for just $10 per month.

For more information on Verboso’s services, visit

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