Verix upgrades platform with “GenAI Database Explorer”

The new LLM-based capability allows pharmaceutical sales representatives and commercial teams to navigate complex data assets intuitively, using natural language, providing accessible and actionable insights for sales execution.

Verix, a leading  AI-powered pharmaceutical commercial operations enhancement platform provider, announced today the launch of its “GenAI Database Explorer,” a capability designed to revolutionize the exploration of commercial pharmaceutical data. Integrated with Tovana, this capability enables users to explore data intuitively using natural language, marking a significant leap forward in making complex data insights more accessible.

Verix’s platform, Tovana, uses machine learning to derive insights from commercial data assets, for pharmaceutical sales teams. The insights help sales teams better target, engage, and influence sales and adoption with healthcare providers, understanding their behavior, preferences, and needs, as well as their patients. The new GenAI Database Explorer will help sales reps query the data using natural language to craft compelling sales strategies, tailor their approach to their targets, maximize HCP engagement, and analyze their performances effortlessly.

Integrating Gen AI Database Explorer with Tovana enables users to fully leverage the platform’s robust auto-data foundation to extract actionable insights without prior familiarity with data structures using the latest NLP technology per higher compliance standards.

“Our GenAI Database Explorer empowers users to easily access valuable information and generate insights catering to their own business needs. It increases data exploitation, informed decision-making, and helps field teams better prepare for their next engagement,” said Doron Aspitz, CEO of Verix. We have already started receiving excellent feedback from our pilot customers and look forward to rolling this out to all our customers and clients today.”

Shahar Cohen, CTO, added, “By leveraging recent LLM (Large Language Models) progress, along with our core expertise, our GenAI Database Explorer provides an exploration experience similar to that of an AI Chatbot while only providing accurate and relevant answers based on our database.”

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