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Vertosoft Named New Distributor for Human Cyber Readiness Platform

Immersive Labs named Vertosoft as its new public sector distributor for their human cyber readiness platform.

Immersive Labs named Vertosoft as its new public sector distributor for their human cyber readiness platform. Vertosoft is a fast-growing software distributor whose mission is bringing emerging tech to the government. This new partnership will allow Federal, State, and Local government bodies to have access to Immersive Labs’ valuable cybersecurity workforce skills training.

The threat of malicious activity targeting IT systems or the people that use them has only grown in recent years. All bodies of government are vulnerable targets, and their employees require a cyber training solution to bring risk factors down. This is where Immersive Labs has the answer with theiron-demand, gamified, relevant, and risk-based platform. Immersive Labs develops human cyber readiness by empowering agencies to increase, measure and demonstrate human capabilities in every area of their cybersecurity and aligned to the actual risks they face.

“In today’s world, cyber readiness can’t be achieved via a once-a-year training course, it requires continuous education and learning,” said Chet Hayes, chief technology officer of Vertosoft. “Immersive Labs’ gamified cyber range allows government agencies to educate their workforce with the latest tools and attack techniques.”

“‘Immersive Labs is changing the way organizations think about risk mitigation, shifting the focus onto the capabilities of the people behind the screen. We’re delighted to be partnering with Vertosoft to bring our platform – and greater human cyber readiness – to government agencies across the U.S.,” said Jake Alosco, Immersive Labs Director of Channel Sales on their partnership with Vertosoft.

Immersive Labs has a library of over 1,000 labs covering every level and topic, from basic security awareness all the way through to reverse-engineering malware and the latest tools and techniques used by hackers. Their labs are based on the latest threat intelligence to ensure they are up to date on your risk factors as they evolve.

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