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Very Good Ventures releases Dart Frog 1.0

The open source and lightweight Dart Frog framework helps Flutter and Dart developers maximize their productivity by having a unified tech stack that enables sharing tooling, models and more

Very Good Ventures (VGV), the leading full-service Flutter consulting firm, today announced the release of Dart Frog 1.0, which introduces a fully stable open source backend framework for Dart. The company released the experimental version of Dart Frog about a year ago and has since added a number of features and used it in key projects, such as the generative AI card game I/O FLIP introduced at Google I/O.

“Dart Frog is an example of our commitment to delivering important, innovative tools to developers across the Flutter ecosystem. We aren’t just a consulting partner, we’re an active community member and contributor dedicated to building technologies that will increase developer efficiency and opportunity,” said David DeRemer, CEO at Very Good Ventures.

Dart is an open source, client-optimized language for fast applications on any platform. Its rankings as one of the most popular developer technologies in recent Stack Overflow and Red Monk reports demonstrates its growing favor. Dart forms the foundation of Flutter, providing the language and runtimes that power Flutter apps. Flutter is an open source UI toolkit from Google that enables developers to build apps for multiple platforms all at once from a single codebase – a significant advantage over legacy approaches to native software development. Since its first release in 2017, Flutter has grown into the most popular cross-platform mobile framework used by software developers globally.

Very Good Ventures’ Dart Frog is for Flutter developers who want to maximize their use of Dart. Dart Frog 1.0 has new features including Dart Frog daemon, allowing for better integration with third-party systems and plugins; a VS Code extension; file uploads; wildcard routes; authentication support; and includes Dart 3.

These features help bridge the gap for Dart and Flutter developers to enable maximum efficiency. Flutter developers can expand their skills beyond frontend to include the full stack. Dart Frog reduces the Dart learning curve for Flutter developers by building routes that feel very similar to creating a widget tree in Flutter, for example. Developers can share code between the front and backend, enabling them to write functionality once and use it on both ends of an application. Dart Frog can also be used as a backend for frontend so that the backend data is normalized and becomes easy for developers to use. This approach also gives more control to developers to do things like optimize and cache backend data. Lastly, Dart Frog can be configured with any cloud service, so developers can use whatever works best for them.

Developers can get started with Dart Frog today: and GitHub:

Very Good Ventures recently announced an expanded Series A round with $3.2 million led by  Celesta Capital for a total raise of $6.4 million and its acquisition of CreateThrive, a mobile and web development firm that has emerged as a leader in the Flutter community in Latin America. The acquisition has resulted in the world’s largest Flutter consultancy team with a focus on driving high quality software solutions, designing beautiful and useful products and deepening its impact on the Flutter community and its customers. Customers include Dow Jones, Google, The New York Times, Marketwatch and Hamilton, the musical, among others.

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