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Veta Health strategically partners with BioIntelliSense and Stel Life

Veta Health, a leading innovator in virtual health and remote care technology, is excited to announce the strategic partnerships with BioIntelliSense and Stel Life. These developments mark significant milestones for Veta Health, empowering the company to diversify its device offerings and improve clinical workflows.

Veta Health is excited to announce strategic partnerships with two distinguished healthcare technology companies, BioIntelliSense and Stel Life. These collaborations are driven by a shared commitment to improving patient care through a patient-first approach and data-driven insights.

BioIntelliSense is a continuous health monitoring and clinical intelligence company recognized as the “2023 Best Overall Medical Device Company” by MedTech Breakthrough. BioIntelliSense will integrate its medical grade BioButton® wearable devices seamlessly into Veta Health’s platform for scalable remote care. This alliance empowers healthcare providers to continuously and longitudinally monitor patients’ key vital signs and health trends, leading to improved intervention strategies.

Similarly, the partnership with Stel Life, a provider of specialized medical devices, will significantly broaden Veta Health’s device offerings. Stel Life’s expertise in transforming medical monitoring devices to transmit via cellular connection will bolster Veta Health’s platform by expanding access to devices that were previously unavailable via cellular connection.

Veta Health’s platform, Prosper is an AI-enabled virtual care solution enabling healthcare providers to engage with their patients. Prosper’s cutting-edge features enable healthcare professionals to adopt, build and scale their remote care programs while keeping patients and care teams engaged. Prosper enhances care coordination, optimizes patient outcomes, and delivers a more integrated and efficient virtual care experience. By accessing Prosper, clinicians can work within their organization’s existing workflows and simplify virtual care data transmission seamlessly with their documentation tools. Prosper is now available for download on Epic’s Connection Hub.

“Our strategic partnerships with BioIntelliSense and Stel Life will play a pivotal role in diversifying our cellular-enabled device offerings, ensuring that healthcare providers have access to ground-breaking technology to deliver the best possible care to their patients,” said James Sutcliffe, CEO of Veta Health. “Prosper represents a significant step forward in delivering more accessible and integrated healthcare solutions.”

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