Via Scientific, Inc., Announces the Launch Of Foundry

Via Scientific, Inc., a new Cambridge based technology and AI company, is proud to announce the launch of Foundry, a multi-omics accelerator platform focused on significantly shortening the path to scientific breakthroughs.

The Foundry platform was originally developed at UMass Chan Medical School; Via Scientific has exclusive commercial rights to the platform. Founders of the company are Melissa J. Moore, PhD Chief Scientific Officer Emeritus at Moderna, Alper Kucukural, PhD co-director of the Bioinformatics Core at UMass Chan Medical School and CTO of Via Scientific, Manuel Garber, PhD, co-director of the Bioinformatics Core at UMass Chan Medical School, Jim Crowley, local technology and AI entrepreneur and Janet Kosloff, founder of the health care analytics company InCrowd, Inc.

Foundry automates the complex data and analytical work associated with multi-omics research.  Featuring a powerful drag-and-drop pipeline and meta data building functionality that eliminates the need to write code, plus full process orchestration and customizable analytics, Foundry is a force multiplier for biomedical researchers.  Furthermore, the platform ensures that all data and analytics are shareable, reusable, and reproducible. This frees up time and resources for both investigators and bioinformaticians to concentrate on generating core scientific insights and therapeutic breakthroughs.

“We are thrilled to introduce Foundry to the market,” said Melissa Moore. “As both an academician and CSO at Moderna, I saw firsthand the need for a powerful and adaptable tool like Foundry.  Scientists are consistently challenged to keep up with our ability to ask questions and imagine possibilities.  Foundry transforms ‘process time’ into ‘scientific time’, so scientific teams can focus on unlocking the underlying science that results in new insights and breakthroughs.”

“Multi-omics analytics is maddingly difficult, and we have made it our mission to simplify this vital research domain,” added Jim Crowley, CEO of Via Scientific. “Scientists should not have to spend their time wrangling data, writing code, and coordinating dev. op. tasks just so they can get to the point where they can begin to ask their questions.  Foundry changes all of that as scientists will now spend their time where it is intended – interrogating experimental results, shaping insights, and advancing understanding.”

Via Scientific is focused on supporting the analytical needs of biotech, pharmaceutical, research institutes and academic universities, and on further developing the Foundry platform and amplifying its AI capabilities. 

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