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VicOne Publishes 2022 Automotive Cybersecurity Report


 Report addresses keyless entry, charging stations, and ransomware threats and provides predictions for 2023

VicOne, an automotive cybersecurity solutions provider established by cloud security leader Trend Micro, has published its 2022 automotive cybersecurity report. The report warns that the electric vehicle industry faces growing cybersecurity risks, especially through keyless entry, charging stations, and in-vehicle entertainment (IVI), resulting in vulnerability to attacks. The threat of ransomware and data breaches targeting car factories and supply chains will also significantly impact the industry. 

To read a full copy of the research, “Reading The Signs: Automotive Cybersecurity In 2022,” please visit: 

The report also makes key predictions for 2023 based on trends in cyberattacks, including:

  • Hackers’ existing attacks on automotive supply chains will become more targeted, distributing ransomware through spam or drive-by download to increase efficiency.
  • Ransomware will continue to affect the automotive supply chain and expand its targets to cloud suppliers and automotive components.
  • Vulnerabilities in open-source software will affect more automotive components.
  • Attackers will bypass digital locks and exploit vulnerabilities to manipulate payment mechanisms.

Ziv Chang, VP of VicOne’s automotive cyberthreat research lab: “VicOne’s vision is to protect the cybersecurity of future vehicles. As the market booms, cyberattacks will proliferate and the overall industry will face greater challenges than ever. Relying on Trend Micro’s 30 years of in-depth technical experience in cybersecurity, VicOne reminds automotive supply chain partners to be on alert for cyber security attacks and threats. Only if enterprises abandon old thinking and implement tailored cybersecurity solutions can the industry quickly respond to emerging threats.”

With the publication of this report, VicOne urges industry leaders to maintain a safe information environment, secure over-the-air technology and invest resources into a vehicle security operations center.

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