AI Celebrates 1st Birthday with $2.5Mn to put AI in cameras, which uses cutting-edge AI to make cameras work better, is celebrating its first birthday with fresh capital. The Jerusalem-based computer vision start-up had initially raised $4.5M in February 2021 led by Ibex Investors, with the participation of Spring Ventures and Capital Point. Investors have now opted to increase their lot by $2.5M, taking the total amount raised to $7M. The capital will be used for R&D and business development with the goal of making standard in every camera.

The story began during the height of the global pandemic when Oren Debbi questioned why his camera could take outstanding quality photos and videos, while his laptop webcam could barely deliver a clear image on a video conference. The answer was that artificial intelligence is being used in a limited capacity in some devices, but has yet to be adopted by most camera manufacturers. He connected with Yoav Taieb, a pioneer of computer vision algorithms, with nearly two decades of industry experience, and they founded Together they built a team of experts hailing from global companies like Microsoft, Intel and Samsung, who have collectively worked on over 40 computer vision patents.

In under a year, developed AI-powered technology that operates in the dark, removes blur and noise, performs in high dynamic range, and achieves highly-accurate levels of detection. The software works deep within the heart of any camera – in the Image Signal Processor (ISP) to optimize light, sharpness, and clarity – with no additional hardware. Image Signal Processors are usually hardware-based and hard to customize.’s ISP is highly customisable software, which enables updates to be deployed, and cameras to stay at the forefront of image technology.

“Over the past year, we’ve built a team and technology that can help any camera achieve stellar results in real time. Our software can put an end to the days of blurry video calls with our family, friends, and colleagues. The response we’ve received from both investors and customers has been phenomenal. Cameras are an integral part of our lives, and our vision is to see inside every camera, bringing greater image quality to the world.” said co-founder and CEO Oren Debbi.

“We’re leveraging image data in a new way to deliver optimal results for camera manufacturers worldwide. As a veteran of computer vision technology, I am in awe of how our team has developed and brought this to market at lightning speed,” added co-founder and CTO Yoav Taieb.

“From day one it was clear that was addressing a challenge faced by billions of people worldwide who were stuck staring at low quality images. With speed and execution, they’ve developed an incredible offering that truly brings AI to the edge. Ibex Investors is proud to have supported from the beginning, and we’re thrilled to further our commitment to reflect their outstanding growth and potential,” said Nicole Priel, Partner & Managing Director at Ibex Investors LLC.

Founded in 2021 by Oren Debbi and Yoav Taieb, is a Jerusalem-based computer vision start-up which uses AI to make cameras work better. The AI-powered software enhances image quality in laptops, tablets, phones, webcams and anywhere else with a camera – to capture crisper, clearer images in real time. seeks to become standard inside every camera.

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