VitalTech Debuts VitalTech Insights

Provides care teams visualizations, ad hoc analyses, and access to business insights

VitalTech, a rapidly growing market leader in enterprise virtual care solutions, announced today the release of VitalTech Insights, a business intelligence (BI) and advanced analytics tool. VitalTech Insights will enable clients to analyze, visualize and better utilize patient data.  It will allow clients to quickly see outcome data and gain business insights to share with team members, enabling better care with greater efficiency.

The company’s flagship product VitalCare is an industry-leading, fully-integrated virtual care platform, enabling providers to streamline workflows directly to their patient’s electronic health record (EHR) while improving health-related outcomes, patient safety, and health equity, as well as reducing the cost of care.

Care teams can connect to VitalTech Insights via VitalCare’s fully HIPAA-compliant Admin platform. Insights ingest EHR data, SHP data, claims data, and VitalTech data collected from multiple devices, patient surveys and questionnaires, and third-party sources. Using Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, to analyze and customize the data, VitalTech Insights has demonstrated improved outcomes and improved costs of care.  

The analyses provided by VitalTech Insights deliver care teams with a visualized overview of patients’ health in a simple, easy-to-use platform, and data can be exported to easily digestible reports that can be shared with various members of the care team.

“We are excited to offer our clients VitalTech Insights which aggregates and contextualizes critical data, turning it into actionable rich data, thus enabling care teams to make informed proactive decisions,” said Steven Scott, CEO of VitalTech. “VitalTech Insights showcases our commitment to our clients to continue to advance the solutions we have developed. We are focusing on the data to help our clients better understand what it means and act as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves in our flexible and agile technology, and we are now delivering a new customizable solution that will support care delivery teams in this dynamic healthcare environment.”

Traditionally, clinicians interact with their patients in a single encounter once or twice a year. Utilizing VitalCare and VitalTech Insights, care teams can utilize real-time rich data, and have an expansive overview of all their patients’ health statistics in real-time. Care teams can go on to segmentize and drill down this data in numerous ways to better understand various patients’ health and identify trends. In addition, teams can leverage the data to manage performance and maximize reimbursement.

“VitalTech Insights enables our clients to build a digital workforce. For years, we have seen this happening in the backend of healthcare, but we are excited to offer this solution to the clinicians at the front end of the delivery process,” says VitalTech Chief Sales Officer Ernie Ianace. “Utilizing the data from VitalTech Insights, clinicians will be equipped for faster decision making, leading to quicker assessments and evaluations, and ultimately accelerated deployment of care that will significantly impact our strained caregivers and enhance and expand patient care.”

VitalTech Insights includes multiple user benefits, convenient features, and ready-to-use dashboards such as: Patient Analysis, Community Analysis, CMS Report, Monthly Summary Report, and Billing and Administrative Analysis.

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