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Volt Active Data Launches Active Streaming Decisions

Active(SD) Will Enable Organizations to Easily Make Complex, Real-Time Decisions on Data Streams

Volt Active Data, the only no-compromise data platform built to support applications that require speed, scale, and consistency, today announced the launch of Active Streaming Decisions [Active(SD)]™, an ultra high-speed decision making engine that will allow companies to apply the power of the Volt Active Data Platform to problems that can’t be solved by other Kafka ecosystem products.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for companies to finally be able to easily add intelligent decisioning to Kafka data streams and thereby fully capitalize on the massive amount of valuable data that Kafka streams into systems,” Volt CEO David Flower said.

With its foundation in the already battle-tested and proven Volt Active Data architecture, Active(SD) ingests event data directly from Kafka topics as the data is created and where it’s created, tapping the power of machine learning and advanced analytics to uncover insights and make immediate, mission-critical decisions, which are then sent back to Kafka so an action can be taken while the data (and resulting action) is still relevant.

“The key is that Active(SD) allows companies to fully and affordably capitalize on the data speed and scale that Kafka enables, and that’s a huge advantage,” Flower said. “The resulting decisions, made in single-digit milliseconds, can unlock in-the-moment monetization opportunities, prevent revenue loss from fraud or intrusion, or reduce operational revenue erosion.”

While there are several choices to consume data from Kafka for further processing downstream, such as loading into a data lake or warehouse for offline processing and reporting, Active(SD) is the only product designed specifically to facilitate event-time, in-stream decisions in less than 10 milliseconds to proactively drive real-time actions, making it the fastest path from event to action for Kafka-powered applications.

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