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Vulcan Cyber Launches the Voyager18 Research Team

Voyager18 is the first cybersecurity research team to focus exclusively on vulnerability risk remediation intelligence

Vulcan Cyber, developers of the cyber risk management platform for infrastructure, application and cloud vulnerabilities, today announced the launch of the Voyager18 research team, the first in the industry to focus exclusively on cyber risk mitigation and vulnerability remediation intelligence. Extending a uniquely Vulcan Cyber ability to orchestrate risk mitigation across the full vulnerability lifecycle, Voyager18 will provide vulnerability mitigation intelligence as a service to Vulcan Cyber customers and the cyber industry alike. Voyager18 curates the best fixes, remediation paths, and mitigation strategies for thousands of vulnerabilities and CVEs.

In conjunction with its launch, Voyager18 has delivered two free services for security operations, vulnerability management and security analyst teams: VulnRX and MITRE Mapper. Much of the Voyager18 team output will be freely available for public use through these services.

“Traditional vulnerability identification and prioritization isn’t enough to defend against modern threats,” said Yaniv Bar-Dayan, CEO and co-founder of Vulcan Cyber. “Tens of thousands of vulnerabilities, combined with rapidly shrinking remediation windows, make it close to impossible for cybersecurity teams to stay ahead of the crush and reduce vulnerability risk without help. We built the Voyager18 team, and launched the VulnRX and MITRE Mapper services, to provide vulnerability remediation intelligence to the cyber community. Our goal is to eliminate the gap between cybersecurity teams and their counterparts in IT, CloudOps, and DevOps, and act as a force-multiplier for teams already stretched thin.”

VulnRX is the only free, curated database of vulnerability remediation intelligence and currently includes fixes and workarounds for more than 4,000 vulnerabilities and CVEs.

MITRE Mapper connects vulnerabilities to relevant MITRE ATT&CK tactics and techniques for rapid and effective remediation action. Only Vulcan Cyber offers a free service like this to help IT security teams get fix done quickly.

VulnRX and MITRE Mapper are available to use now with no registration required through the Voyager18 research portal.

Despite ongoing attempts to reduce the median time to remediation across the industry, threat actors continuously exploit known, un-remediated vulnerabilities as IT security teams are hamstrung by resource constraints and friction in the vulnerability mitigation lifecycle leaving security windows open for unacceptable lengths. Teams that already use risk-based vulnerability management or vulnerability prioritization technologies, such as Cisco Kenna VM, Tenable, or Qualys VMDR, can leverage the free services from Voyager18 to augment and accelerate vulnerability remediation by enhancing collaboration across IT and security teams.

Voyager18 is focused on helping the cybersecurity industry drive remediation outcomes by providing free, powerful tools and insights. For more information, visit or register to attend the Voyager18 launch webinar on Feb. 28 at 12:30pm Eastern.

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