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Wallaroo.AI launches new ML Production Best Practices Workshops

Workshop will provide ML practitioners, data scientists, ML engineers and others with step-by-step best practices to get ML projects from ideation, experimentation, and testing into production

Wallaroo.AI, the leader in scaling production machine learning (ML) from the cloud to the edge, is pleased to announce the launch of its new ML Production Best Practices Workshops. This workshop is designed to empower ML practitioners, including data scientists and ML engineers, with an understanding of step-by-step requirements to successfully transition ML projects from prototype to production environments quickly and at scale.

The ML Production Best Practices Building Workshop addresses a crucial need in the industry. Many organizations struggle to deploy ML projects effectively, often due to a lack of expertise and understanding of how to operationalize the production process across business units. This workshop equips practitioners with the knowledge, tools and processes necessary to overcome these challenges and drive successful ML production outcomes.

“Many organizations that would like to implement ML projects are stymied by a lack of repeatability in delivering ML solutions in real-world scenarios,” said Martin Bald, Senior Manager, Community, at Wallaroo.AI. “With our ML Production Best Practices Workshop, practitioners will learn from those who have successfully bridged the gap between theory and practice, get hands-on experience with proven approaches and gain a deeper understanding of the requirements for delivering real business value with their own ML projects.”

Participants in the workshop will gain valuable insights and learn how to better employ their skills to streamline their ML workflows, enhance model performance, and address common production challenges. Additionally, successful completion of the workshop earns participants a certification, which can be showcased on professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn.

“We want to be a trusted partner for organizations seeking to deploy ML and a catalyst for the industry as a whole,” continued Bald. “By driving awareness and skill among our customers and partners, they can leverage this initiative to enhance their technical credibility and deliver greater value from their ML initiatives.”

For more information about the Wallaroo.AI ML Production Best Practices Workshop please visit

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